Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day - 37 Homeless Guy Swears In Church


Its true! I heard him several times before a volunteer came over and put him in his place (and believe me when I say it, SHE DID). It made me mad also. One, he did it in a church. Two, he did it because he wasn't getting his way on a sandwich, so he acted like a baby. Three, that sandwich was a charity done at a church, by volunteers, that donated the food and they do it three times a week. Its an honorable service. I wasn't happy when I heard this guy going off. H e could have handled it differently. I also understood his aggravation, but was not the way to handle it.

Homeless people really never seem to have things go their way. It just seems to be something that comes with the title. Its almost like you hear about a church that is giving away sandwiches for lunch that day. You are hungry and decide to walk the 3 miles to get that sandwich. However, when you get there they tell you they are all out of meat but are willing to make you a tuna sandwich. You are allergic to fish. I don't know why the guy got mad. But I can relate to his anger sometimes. To the woman that put him in his place all I can say to her is "sorry", but please just understand that in this world (the world of homelessness) the simple, smallest of problems to a "normal" person is a  mountain of problems to a homeless person.

I call the mans reaction to the problem a "homeless trip". I see it all the time. You can probably picture it in your mind if you think about it. This is when you see a homeless person suddenly snap. One second they are OK and fine. The next second they are in someone's face. It can happen in  an instant. From the outside looking in, a "normal" person might see a crazy person. You're not likely to get the reasons about the "trip" from the homeless person. So what you are left with is this sort of impression that's not quite right. You probably won't think about the fact that the homeless person just walked 3 miles for some food, wound up with nothing, saw himself walking back 3 miles and so he went on a "trip".

Now, there are different ways a person gets mad of course. I can't sit here a tell you I'm any sort of expert on human emotion or anything like that. I'm simply trying to make a point. The point is this: a homeless person will flip out over small things. If you are someone that is thinking about doing work for or around homeless people, you must understand that.

Me, I'm doing OK toady. I messed up some today though. I didn't hear my alarm clock this morning and I missed work. That wasn't good. My spot on that ticked got full and I'm probably not gonna get to go on that ticket again. That's how day labor works though. I did get quite a few working days in this week though so I'm happy about that. So, what did I do today with my free time????????

I got my grinder! YYYYEEEESSSSSSSSS! I got the grinder and even got it mounted to a board (thank you Ace Hardware store)! Now, I've got some work to do to get my crosses going. First I have to find an outlet somewhere where I can start grinding my nails. Then, hopefully I can start putting them all together and make my crosses. If it all works out I'll be done with "set 1" of my plan to reach my goal. So, this is huge for me. A big breakthrough day today! I worked my butt off to get this far. Tonight I'll be grinding away.

My tent thing is going OK too. I don't like the location though. Its so deep in the brush that it creeps me out. Sometimes I hear things, big things. It's creepy! I should move it. Maybe if I have time this weekend I'll do that. If I'm not on my cross thing that is.

Homeless tip (for the men) :
Keep a good razor or many cheap razors. Shave almost as often as you clean up. The longer you let that face hair grow the longer you will have to spend in a public bathroom. Unless you are like the man I saw today. He had a jug of water and a mirror. He shaved outside in the park (smart)!

Next part of my day:

MMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! I don't swear often, but I want to right now! I'm so mad! I pent all this time working on getting this grinder, hoping it would fix the problems. I spent $40 on it and it has solved nothing. Nothing at all! I'm back at the drawing board with nothing! I cant believe this is so hard to do and I'm running out of the few options I ever had in the first place. The grinder turns the nails black, which makes the nails look bad. Also, I used the grinder on the pliers and still cant figure out how to make the loop at the top. Also, I cant figure out the measurements and that's bad! To top it all off I can't even figure out if the nails needed to be flat on one side. I thought they did, but now I'm not so sure.

This is becoming harder and harder. For a homeless person counting on getting a craft like this done it doesn't seem right. Why? Why? Why? Everything I have done in the last 37 days has been about getting these crosses made. I haven't even started. Hhhh! At this point I'm gonna start looking for help. I believe this is the right part for me! This is what I'm supposed to do. It's my mission, in a way! It's the thing that will make everything right in my life and bring me to my goal. I need help though. I need help!

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