Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day - 29 Homeless Man Putting Together His Plan

So, I have the plan (kinda) and the goal (kids, house, car)! Now I've got to put it all together. Of course, that's the hard part. I'm not sure where my brain is going with it, but its better than nothing. I'm going on faith.

I found these crosses back before I became homeless this last time. I saw that there was a handful of people that were selling them on the Internet. I had never seen one before. I liked the idea. I found that people were selling them for about 10.00 to 12.00 each. When I became homeless again about a month ago these crosses were the first and only thing I could think about. They were also the only thing I have thought about since. I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but this is where I am now.

First, I knew I needed something more. Something that was gonna make me some money on top of my day labor work. Something I could do in my down time. Something with a big profit margin. Something that people would like and care about. The money is important - I can't say it isn't (and I'll tell you my thought about the money in a sec). See, I figured that if I made $40.00 a day doing day labor and I could sell about 4 or 5 crosses a day, I would be making just enough money to climb out of homelessness. It makes sense I think. If I could sell them. Basically, what I'd be doing is adding onto what I make now. Hopefully I can get to the point where I can bring in about $400.00 to $500.00 a week.

So, I set out! The first thing I knew was that I was NOT going to be buying them from anyone! I had to make them myself from scratch. Here lies a huge problem. I found this to be a very hard tack. I needed supplies. Supplies that were not easy to find here in Tampa. The nails where impossible. The wire took a lot of looking around for. Because I couldn't find the nails I had to order them online, which became a problem in its own as I don't have an address. A friend allowed me to use her address for this one purpose. Then the nails got lost in the mail. Finally I found a "feed store" that ordered me the nails, but it turns out they were the wrong kind of nails. Nevertheless, I moved on! Now what I have is this:

- A small amount of wire in my tent that will work for now
- A box of wire sitting on someone's desk waiting for me to give them a P.O.Box address (Lord knows when that will be)
- A bag of supplies, at my tent, that includes: a pair of pliers (that are the wrong kind), a pair of grip pliers, a can of clear gloss spray, measuring tap, and a black Sharpe
-two boxes of nails that are the wrong kind

With what I had now I was able to make my first cross. However, It was very bad. No one would buy it, not even for a dollar. I would defiantly not try to sell it. It was very bad - mostly because I had the wrong nails.

But the plan must move on. I have decided that what I need to do is invest in a grinding wheel. Now that comes with a whole other set of problems. Like, where to plug it in, how to keep it stationary, and of course finding the $40 to get it (that's gonna cost me a day doing labor work but I'll do it)! I think a grinding wheel will fix the problems. I can grind down my pliers to better bend my crosses and the bunch of bad nails I have.

Now, I have some ideas about how to get rid of the crosses. I can't very well stand on the corner and sell them - I'll share with you later about that. So far I've been on this project for almost a month and have hardly started. But once again, I'm acting on pure faith here. I have come to believe that this is what I'm being called to be doing. Also, I need this to work. I need it to help me reach my goal.

I've spent three nights now in the tent. I don't like camping the way I am. I like the sleep and the fact that I can now rest when I need to. Its also warm. I don't like that I have to work so hard to get to my tent. I don't like running through brush all night. Doing that also makes me sweat a lot and tears up my legs. Clearly, there are pros and cons to urban tenting I'm finding.

I missed two days of work this week. Day labor ofter slow down on rainy days. I hold out as long as I can in hopes of getting lucky. But today I'm down to about $30 and I need the money bad. I need it to eat and I need it to continue my plan and make sure it keeps moving forward.

Today my body is pretty clean. I did have a few days there where I felt slimy. Mostly dur to the running around in the woods. But right now I feel clean.

Today a friend of mine told me about a church that donated showers to the homeless. In fact, its the same church I had in mind for a portion of my plan (I'll tell you about that also in time).

Today, right now, I'm about a month in and I don't feel so bad. I got a little money and my body is clean (for the most part).

A month in I did this:

No home or place to sleep to warm to having a tent and sleeping bag in the woods
No money but now a few bucks
I went from a simple thought to a plan in motion
Lugging my bag everywhere to having a stash spot (tent).

All and all, I'm making progress..... its just really slow progress!

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