Monday, October 3, 2011

Day - 13 Homelessrob is Mad

I don't know how people in Russia are reading this. LOL, But thanks!

You know, when you are homeless, everything is a struggle. Everything is hard. You're on your own. You fight day in and day out and it never seems to get you anywhere. That's how I feel today. I feel like I've wasted my time the last two weeks (even though I have to tell myself that I haven't)! Its the stupied mail system that got me today. Isn't there any way a homeless person can get some mail without having to starve? That's I tip I'd like to know. I will NOT give up though! Not as long as I have a dream and a heart. I will NOT quit. I will NOT give in. I will NOT lose my faith. At least that's what I keep telling myself. I'm on day 13 and I'm still alive. Got to get back to my kids somehow. Got to have a home for them. Got to get my life together. How can I do it alone? I don't know yet.... but I have to try! Because, I'm alone!

Homeless tip :
Know your surroundings. When you are homeless and on the move it is very easy to wind up in the wrong neighborhood. Always be aware. If someplace you just walked into makes you feel unsafe.... get out! Trust your gut and avoid the risks. I didn't always follow this tip myself. And I had to learn to trust my gut. But now I know.

I once had a friend that lived in a very bad neighborhood. She was new there herself and told me several times it was bad. However she was helping me. I wound up going through this place about 5 times. Three of those times was in the day light. During the day it wasn't so bad, but I still had a bad feeling about it. But the two times at night I was scared out of my mind. People were everywhere. And by "people" I mean drug dealers and gang bangers. I'm white, and I was clearly in a place where white people weren't living. I'm not racist, but the racial difference was clearly a sign that i was in the wrong place. And safe is safe.... and clearly I was not safe! Now, the last time I went through I got stopped..... by about 5 cops! They where just standing around on the side of the road. They stopped me when I walked past them. They patted me down (with my hands behind my head), got my I.D. and other information, went through my stuff, and finally let me go! They were asking me questions like what I was doing there and had I been "taxed". I had to ask him what that meant because I told him "yes", "I get taxed every day", LOL! These cops were the only ones that gave me any hard time at all. I never want back there because they told me not to (at least not at night) and after I left and had a second to think about it, all I figured was that they were right and, for whatever reason, I shouldn't return.

Not because of the gangs on the street, but because those cops exposed me. You see, when I was walking through this place no one messed with me. The reason was because they didn't know me and didn't know what I was doing there. I just walked straight through and got to where I needed to go without relieving what I was doing..... I tricked them. I didn't act scared. I didn't "eyeball" anyone. I simply went about my business. And that's what you should do in this situation. If you find yourself in a bad spot do NOT panic. Do not talk to anyone because that will expose you. Simply walk out!

Those cops exposed me. They had me standing on the corner, in front of everyone, and then they let me go. What that told the people of those streets was that I was a guy who was not in any trouble, had nothing to hide, and didn't belong there.

I asked myself what I would have done if I had been stopped by someone who lived there. What I would do is this: quickly ask him (or her) where I could get 300$ worth of crack, and ask him (or her) if they could meet me there in 30 minuets while I ran home (around the corner and down the street I don't know because I'm new there) and got some money together. I would then ask for a phone number (in case I got lost on the way back) and walk away like I'm on a new mission in life.

That's my tip for the day. I'm sorry if I'm in a bad mood. As a homeless person you shold expect this from me from time to time. I am homeless. I am alone!

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