Friday, October 21, 2011

Day -31 Homeless Man Last A Month

Well, I have survived my first month. I knew I would. I've been here several times. I've got a lot of work to do though. I didn't get to day labor much this week because of the rain. Today I was down to my last .60 cents before I finally got a work ticket. I was scared there for a second. I get to work tomorrow because the work foreman put me down as a repeat. Thank God! Now at least I'll get a few $ in my pocket to get me through the weekend. If next week goes well I'll be working on my crosses.

The next thing I need is a grinding wheel. I need to try to fix the nails I have and the pliers too. The plires need to be grinded into a triangle tip. The nails need to be ground down one side to make them flat. Both things are key to making these crosses. So, I need a grinder. I saw they are about $40 at Ace and the Home Depot, so, I'm thinking sometime around late next week I'll be able to buy one. That way I can get some money in my pocket. I cut it close this week.

After I get my grinder I still have two problems. One, I need a place to plug it in and do the work. Second, I need a way to make my grinder stationary so that its not moving around everywhere. Now, if I can do this and it all works I hope I'll be able to mass produce these crosses. I want a lot. My plan is developing in my head. I think I can reach my goal (Kids, house, car)! I have to stay focused though.

To top it all off, I 'm also working on this blog. I see I have now had over 100 views! Awesome! Somehow, I've got to put this blog and my plan together I think. Somehow I have to mix the two. For now I'm just gonna keep working on it.

I have a goal. I'm working on the steps to reach that goal. Little pieces at a time. Then somehow I think it will all come together. Somehow. Just got to have faith. I do!

Homeless tip:

This tip comes not from me but as a response to a post I put up on a Homeless forum. If you have read any of my blogs you would know I agree with this completely.

"Develop one skill other than panhandling that legally allows you to make money, and with this, check all applicable city ordnances as well. This can be anything simple and practical. I suggest as one option, since there are so many options, is Busking. I started and still make money doing a combination of clowning, miming and music (sticking to low cost, easy to use instruments such as a kazoo, jaw harp and some form of light percussion instrument is standard) plus a decent bit of costuming. But one can do other things like puppets, be a character (local superhero, a fictional character from movies), face painting (best for women who are presentable) or something else.

Simple crafts aren't bad, drawing or anything you can learn.

Flying a sign is becoming harder in places if not outright illegal so doing something else is vital. In addition, it is often respectable because a "street puppeteer or a bucket drummer or a street artist" has 1st Amendment Protections in place as artists. At least you can be doing something productive and that makes people happy with a long tradition behind it.

Libraries are great for this because there are ample books to use.

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VesInteL said...

May God guide you to your success and reward your hard work and persistence. Nothing good comes easy. Everyday and every moment counts, you'll learn something from everything you do. Remember quitters never win and winners never quit. Are you a winner?

Robert Rashford said...

I've been asking myself that question a lot the last few days! I'm going to win this think! Thank you for looking after me, Vesintel!