Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day - 15 No Room In My Backpack

If you are homeless, you will soon understand that you have also lost the right to live a "normal" life! Nothing is the same as it was when you where on top. Used to be dinner was warm and ready when you got home, now its dumpster diving. Used to be a warm, 30-minute shower, now its a 1 minute splash in the Burger King bathroom. Used to be driving a car, now its driving a shopping cart (don't do that because it means you have too much stuff). The "normal life" is gone. You have to now adapt to the new life until you can have the old one back.  You can't afford distractions.

Even as a homeless person I have still picked up girls (not bragging). Mostly because I don't look homeless to them I think. I'm just sitting there on the bus minding my own business, and the next thing I know I get a girl's number. You all know how this goes. The problem is that now I have the number so now I start making moves to form a relationship with this girl.

This is a big problem. I will bet you that even if you could explain that you are homeless but making moves to get it together (and I have) this relationship will not work and it's simply a waste of time. No matter how much she likes you, it's just not going to work. The need to be loved is normal. I have to remind myself that even for as much as I want it, now is simply not the time. Love is big, heavy, and complicated as it is. Love will not fit in your backpack and for the time being, you must forget about it...... along with any other thing that's going to distract you from making it out of homelessness.

I'm still working on my project and wish to tell you about it soon. I've been breaking my hump to make it happen. I just hope it works.

Homeless tip :
This is really just a follow-up example to my tip about the "homeless credit card" and being direct.

I once knew a homeless man who told me that after not eating for a few days he got desperate. He told me that when he simply could not take it anymore he walked into a McDonald's (God bless McD's for all the homeless people, LOL), waited for the line to clear out then went to the counter. He told me he said to the girl behind the counter "miss, I'm homeless! I haven't eaten in a few days now, I'm hungry! I have no money to give you and I don't know what else to do. So, I'm going to ask you if you have anything back there that you are about to through out could I please have it?". He got a free burger out of doing that. He was direct and was asking for something that mattered to him more than money at that time. Always be direct if you are going to ask people for help.

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Shirley Smith said...

In any thing in life, 'ask and you shall receive.' Most times we just don't ask. Pride can be a dangerous thing and causes more problems than it is worth to have.

Robert Rashford said...

LOL, I hope your not talking about my last post. LOL! I had to dig deep to post that. Eighter way, that's a nice reply. I'm going to have to keep that in mind a little better.