Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day - 14 A Good Fight

The homeless fight is always a good one. The fight to survive on the streets and make it a place to call "home" might be the hardest thing you ever do. It certainly is the hardest thing I've ever done. Just when I get something down right, something else comes loose. Having a good life is all about keeping every angle tied down right and allowing no loose ends. Unfortunately for me...... I figured that out to late.

I'm a person who depends on "drive"! My ability to not give up and keep on fighting this disaster of a mess that has left me homeless is that drive. Yes, that drive will get me out and set me free. That drive is coupled with my faith in God! But I stay on point. I know you want to know about being homeless and that's what I'll talk about.

Drive, this is what you will need! Drive to deal with the letdowns and red tape that come with being homeless. For the last two weeks I've been trying to do one thing. We will call it "thing X". "Thing X" has been a hassle and a half for me to do. "Thing X" has been on my mind day in and day out. Every time I try to get my hands on it "Thing X" alludes me somehow. Today I walked a total of 6 miles in the blazing sun for "Thing X" just to find out I can't have it. However, I was told on this last hunt for it that I could get it but that I would have to wait for one week. If I was not homeless I would have had it already. I would have had it in three days. I worked my butt of to get this far. I'm frustrated that I have to wait now!

Next Tuesday I will have it (if all goes right). It has been a struggle. It has taken me a lot of time. It was aggravating. But my drive for it is what is getting it done. Soon I will have "Thing X" and I can move on to the next step in my plan to get off the streets and into a home with my little girls. You must have drive in this fight or you will loose!

Homeless tip :
Scope out your spots. Do this from a distance and make sure no one knows what you are doing. Watch for people going in or around the spot. Watch for cops. Watch for anything that gives you any idea about how early you need to be up in the morning. Look for resources that you might be able to use around the spot (sink, charger, things of that nature). Find security in the spot. For example, how well lit is it? Will anyone see me? Is there any kind of lock? Will I be safe? Will I be warm? Ask yourself these questions. Sometimes you might get a good spot. Sometimes you might have a bad spot. Safety should always be your first concern. Scope it out and ask yourself these questions then make a decision. And remember, have more than one spot! Until you actually win the fight you will need as many spots as you can. Homelessness is not an easy life!

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