Friday, October 14, 2011

Day -24 This Homeless Guy Is Just a Little Aggravated Today

Just a little aggravated is my light tone. LOL, I've been working up to telling you (the readers) about the plan I have that I'm hoping will get me to my goal (kids, house, car). I've been working on it for almost the whole time I've been on the streets this time. Busting my hump to get this thing going and it has not been easy. I want to tell you about it but I'm a little afraid someone will say something bad about it and I'll have second thoughts. LOL, I'd still do it, though, but it's been a challenge.

Today I thought I had it done. Today was a HUGE day for my little project. But as it turned out I think I might have taken a few steeps backwards. I'm completely in shock and disbelief right now. I'm realizing at this very moment that I'm gonna have to not only continue to work hard at this but also its gonna take me much more time. Time I don't have right now. GGGGGRRRRR!!! I need to take a deep breath right now. I need some sleep! All in all I did manage to break ground, and that feels good. At least the work I did came around, even if it was all bad. That's got to count for something. I wont quit though! I must keep trying... no matter how hard it is. That's my only choice - otherwise I'll be stuck out here for the rest of my life I fear.


Homeless tip :
Cardboard is your best friend. The top five uses for cardboard that I know of:
1) Softer ground to sleep on
2) Sign making
3) A blanket. Wrap yourself into it. Cardboard is great in the winter
4) If you are tenting use cardboard as instillation if you can
5) Insulation for your body in the open - I have heard of homeless people that will wrap it around their legs, arms, chest, and stomach then put cloths on over it. I could see how after awhile of moving around and breaking it down a little that would probably work.

If you have to look around for cardboard just keep an eye out for it. And try to find clean cardboard. You don't want it if its wet and smells and is full of food stains. Look around companies that specialize in moving because they usually seem to have it. And just ask for it politely - will probably be your best bet as far as getting it without having to sneak around and go dumpster diving.

As for me, I have to try to get some sleep now. Had a long day and am not happy right this second.
Will I make it out of poverty and accomplish my goal ?

We will see I guess!

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