Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day- 25 Why Is It That Some People Want To Be Homeless?

The more and more I look around on the Internet the more I seem to find these people who think they WANT to be homeless! I don't get it. I don't get it for a single second. How could anyone WANT this life? At first I just thought it was just a person here or there that was just having a bad day. But then I started to realize that it seems just a little deeper for others. One guy said this: 
     "I am a professional single man living in South Florida. I have a Bachelor's and a Master's Degree. I'm tired of working and have realized that I simply don't want to work anymore. The modern employer-employee paradigm is a just a mutation of the master-slave paradigm of the past.

I want to experience adventure, travel, knowing interesting people... in summary I just want to live and work on my own conditions. I've a good educational background, intelligence, and so many abilities that I'm sure can be used to help other people succeed.

I want to work as an advocate for homeless and poor people, I want to help changing paradigms, I want to help stop oppression against less fortunate people, I want to help eradicating social and economic inequality.

Being homeless is unfortunate because society's oppression... but when I analyze it deeper homeless people enjoy so many personal freedoms that I want to enjoy to.

I think homeless people are good agents of change and for this reason the powerful oppress them by creating stupid laws against homelessness."
I'd like to know what this guy is really thinking. And what "personal freedoms" do we homeless people have that would make anyone else want to be homeless? He really doesn't understand...
I read another where a kid wants to follow his dreams... and another where a guy just wanted to escape his wife. It's hard for me not to go off. But its even harder for me to be understanding about people like this.

Therefore, I came up with a solution for these people.
If you are thinking about becoming homeless this is what you should do:
First, give all your money to a friend to hold onto for a week (as you will want it back later).
Then, collect some cloths and hygiene products and make up a good bag.
Then, take a bus out of state to a place where you have never been and don't know anyone (make sure you have hardly no money after the trip tho. You can have a little, you should experience how if feels to run out of money at a time like this).
Then, right when you get to your new home you should run around for awhile until you are hot and sticky.
After that, go find a dumpster and toss yourself into it (and all your stuff too).

There, this should be a good start. Let's see how long it takes you to get sleep. Let's see how long it takes you to get a shower and be clean. Let's see how you get money. Let's see how you eat when your money is gone. Let's see how you feel about all the "personal freedoms" that homeless people get after your little test run.

Then, when you get back home, you will realize what a completely stupid idea you had to try to make yourself homeless. You can thank me for my solution. Or, if you decide that this is the life for you, feel free to hit me up in an email and I'll trade with lives you.

Actually, that would be a good T.V. show. Like "Trading Places"! LOL! Someone, write this down. We will call it "Poverty Traders"! LOL! Someone, write that down.
Now, I'm not the type to ever put people down. All I'm gonna say about anyone thinking about becoming homeless is this: "you are a foolish person, and I can't understand you"!
This is my second bad day post in a row. I'm sorry if I'm coming out strong the last two days. However, if I didn't blog this stuff and share it with you I wouldn't be doing my job here. And of course, my job is to blog for people and try to show them what a homeless person goes through day to day. Also, you get to watch a story unfold as I try to reach my goal.
Really, today was a good day. I actually did something new as a homeless person. I mentioned it the other day. I got tired of having to deal with sleeping spots for the night, and last night was really bad for me. So, today I bit the bullet and invested in a tent and sleeping bag. I hid my stuff in the woods. I just hope I can find it later tonight.

But look, even on the good days a homeless person has it bad. I walked all over the place and spent money I didn't really have in the first place to get this project going. So, now I have a tent and a bag. I won't freeze tonight. That's good. The lack of sleep in the past week is making me grumpy I think.
I'm actually about to go jump in the tent right now. I need the rest. I'll be back Monday to tell you about how the tent is going and what I think about it. Maybe offer up some tips if I can. I need a little break!

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Annie_Diaz said...

I think that TV show idea is brilliant. I would watch it.