Monday, November 28, 2011

Day - 68 Homelessrob Recognizes Kathryn Harris

A picture is worth a thousand words. I believe that. So does Kathryn Harris, a former homeless woman that seems to have a passion for pictures. A woman whose blog I have hit up more than a few times. Kathryn has a great ability to tell the truth about homelessness through a collection of pictures that she posts on her blog. These pictures have caught my attention and will certainly catch yours as well. However, its not her pictures that I admire about Kathryn. It's her understanding that she can make a difference through awareness that I admire. I think that Kathryn did not take all of the pictures on her blog. Some of the pictures you might have already seen. Some of the pictures you might not even like or understand. I didn't care for a few of them myself. But I can tell you that before I left her blog I was flooded with images that really meant something to me. That I did understand. That did relate to me. Kathryn has put a lot of work into her blog. I think she has put a lot more heart into it than anything else and that's the part that matters most.

I sometimes hear or read things like "I don't know how to help". I also sometimes get the feeling that some people won't help because they feel it won't matter or they aren't able to help. To me that's almost like a Christian who tosses his or her hands up and says "looks like we are in the end times already", LOL! You have heard that too, I'm sure. You have seen that look also, the look that says "why do I bother anymore"!You might have even said it.

Well, I'm going to tell you something now that might rock your world: Jesus has not returned yet (to my knowledge). When I walk down the streets I don't see people disappearing into thin air and leaving behind a pile of clothes. Yes, times are hard now. Things are bad! But we are NOT finished and these are NOT good reasons to give up or simply not do anything. In fact, we should be working harder to make the difference. Myself included!

If you are someone who thinks they can't make a difference, you are wrong! If you feel that what you do doesn't matter, you are wrong! If you think its too late to do anything, you are wrong! You can do all these things. However you choose to do it is up to you. Big ways or small ways, it does not matter. Do what you can for whatever cause you have in mind and do it with understanding and a big heart. Like my friend Kathryn Harris!

This is her blog if you would like to see it :  You can also find her on Twitter.

Now, I have to warn you...... a lot of these picture are disturbing. I found more than a few to be heartbreaking. Some of them made me smile. Some of then made me mad. Some of them made me think about my own actions and doings. Some of them made me think about the actions and doings of others.

When the sum of her blog was done with, though, I know that I felt different. Some parts of me changed! Her blog sparked something in me. That happened because she put heart and understanding into her work. That spark is her unknown pay off! She doesn't know if her work changes people, she just hopes it will. You (my reader) can make sparks also!

These are some of the pictures that affected me the most:

Keep up the work Kathryn! It matters!

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