Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day - 62 Homelessrob Occupys Homelessrob

I see that Newt Gingrich is now topping the GOP pools. This of course comes right after his comment to the Wall Street Protesters. If you didn't hear the comment it went something like this: after they (the protesters) take a bath they should get jobs. Then the crowd went wild. I noticed Hermin Cain smiling at that one. Personally I could care less who wins it, unless of course NONE of them win. To me these GOP candidates look like a bunch of Boy Scouts fighting over who should get the last "Flaming Arrow" badge. None of them stand out to me. Certainly not Newt, he has been in politics for, well, more than a minute. A minute is too long in my opinion. After Newt made that statement all I could think was "wow, Newt sits in a room where apparently no one is without a job and they all have a home".

But Newt Gingrich is not my concern today. Its actually the protesters. I either. However, I have had a chance to catch a few of the headlines. I believe one of the headlines I read was something like this: "Wall Street Protesters Look to the Homeless for help".

From my understanding this is what's going on: These protesters, being sick of the government, went into Manhattan and occupied a large park. These people had issues that ranged across the board, with one issue in common which was that they were mad at the people that put this country into the mess its in now. They got beef with those people, LOL. Then they got there and looked towards the homeless for help in regards to how they were going to survive in the park. Now there is a mixture of protesters and homeless people. I'm sure some of the original protesters were homeless.

My concern: this protest is making homeless people look bad. I'm glad that people out there are protesting the government. I understand that! But I have to wonder at who's expense is it costing. When I first heard (or read ) the first headline it was more towards the beginning of this protest. Since then, everything I hear or read sounds more like a bunch of homeless people invaded a park and are now running amuck. This should be a concern to all the protesters also. Newt's statement strongly hit home to me "take a bath and get a job".  That is a phrase used very commonly when regarding homelessness. I've also heard many complaints using the word "squatting". I don't know if that lady meant they were "camped out" in the park or if she had a problem with someone using the bathroom out side in the park. However, I believe I have heard of both these being a problem. All the references to the entire protest seem to me to be something that can pretty easily be related to homelessness as well.

My worry is that its all going in the wrong direction. The protesters are losing voice and homeless people are going to be looked at as the cause of the problem. The last thing I heard was the protesters were blocking traffic and running amuck. Oh, and yes, I have heard about what the cops are doing - bad cops, bad cops!!!!

Just so that people know, because homeless people are often not looked upon for the good things, homeless people are not known for causing problems. Sure you have some that do cause problems. However, its typically not something that happens. If you don't believe me consider this: Why do you see so many homeless people? I'll tell you, its because they are not in jail! Homeless people usually stay out of trouble. Its one of the overlooked facts about homelessness. Homeless people CHOOSE to live the hard life. Jail offers 4 things the streets do not: food, a roof, a shower, and a bed to sleep in. All things a homeless person struggles with each and every day to have. I mean, if all the homeless people in the country just simply got up and did like a "flash" spree of crimes that would make their life just a little better. Well, wouldn't the whole country just be in a jam then. But, homeless people don't do that. We choose to suffer and struggle and not take the easy way out.

So when I think of these protesters and think about how closely they resemble homeless people I can't help but think the worse. I do admire the protesters - don't get me wrong. Its a brave thing they are doing. But I do think its becoming a blow to the gut of homelessness people, too. IF people are looking at these protesters as a bunch of homeless people running around causing problems then this in affect might be closing doors for the homeless people. And also taking away the little creditability we have.

Of course this is all just my sloppy opinions. I could be WWWWAAAAAAYYYYYY wrong. If you disagree with me thats OK. This is simply how I feel the protest is going based off only a very little amount of information.

However, if you feel I'm right........ I should get your vote for presidency!

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