Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day-43 You Are About To Get Mad At A Homeless Man

I had to think about doing this post. Its touchy! Before I start I have to say a few things first.

First, I do not mean to offend anyone (I'm sure I will though).

Second, I care very much for our vets. My dad served 23 years in the army (then became a pizza delivery man for a while. Now he is a truck driver, doing what he loves). I was raised an army brat. I consider my home away from home to be Fayetteville, NC (Fort Bragg). I have several friends that serve in the army (three of them are captions) and I care for them very much. I spent most of my life around the army. You could say that I know the military as good as any other unlisted person. I respect what they do, putting there lives on the line. It is a shame how they get treated when they come home.

Last, I love this country!

Now, with that said let me get to the point. I have recently been reading blogs and post about homeless vets. How they come back physically and mentally........ hhhhhh..... not as they where..... lets just say that. I feel bad for them. They do the greatest honor a person can do for there country..... and wind up homeless. I get it. I see these same homeless vets all the time.

The problem isn't them (nore will it ever bee). My problem is these posters and loggers. I read one blog that stated "solution to homeless vet problems". It offered solutions such as : "homeless prevention", this is where you stop a vet from becoming homeless. Another was something like this "homeless transitional housing" where a vet can have a place to stay Intel he gets back on his feet.

I read this and was pretty mad. I didn't know why at first. I had to think it over. But then it hit me. These "solutions" where really nothing. NOTHING at all! In fact the only this this blog offered was the awareness that HUD was helping the vets now.
Let me break this down a little. You (my reader) cares for the vets. I care for our vets. The blogger cares for the vets. This country cares for the vets. HOMELESSNESS does NOT care for the vets. I'll take it a step further for you: homelessness does NOT care about me, you, this country, or anyone..... EVER!

Also, If you feel that homeless cant get to you.... you have a problem. NO ONE is outside the reach of homelessness. At best, you might get away with being "a little less likely", and that's at best.

But here we are. Someone blaming mental and physical problems on vet homelessness. Hey, I understand how that can happen ( I would never ask my dad what he saw). Bet here is the thing: there are many homeless people out there with those same problems that are not vets. What does this blog offer: "homeless prevention" or "dint become homeless in the first place". WOW, why didn't anyone else think of that one! Also, "transitional housing"....... that sounds like a shelter we have those everywhere. Now I can understand if this blog is saying something like "hey, we are on the verge of coming up with some bran new stuff that will prevent vets from becoming homeless" then stated so REAL new stuff the keeps our guys off the streets. But they are not.

Once aging I call this "capitalization on the homeless market" and this is wrong. What it does is it main streams a particular type of homeless person. Homelessness is homelessness no matter how you cut it. Listen to this : "homeless child" , "elderly homelessness", "pregnant teen homelessness".......... you just stoped thinking about the vets didn't you?

Another blog read something like this "should fixing homelessness be a community based problem"? What they where asking was " should he leave a community alone to fix there own homeless problems"? What I have a hard time understanding was how anyone could ask such a dumb ass question. The answer is NO!
Why? Because, as sure as I know you (my reader) can become homeless someday I'm as equally sure that homelessness is in your back yard (rather you see it or not).

But I have faith, and an understanding that homelessness is what it is, a problem! All problems can be fixed. Homelessness can be to. Who, you ask me (since I seem to know it all about the topic). Well, I don't know! But I can tell you a few things.

Homelessness will not be fixed the rout we are going now. With the fighting about it. With the marketing of it. We as a people must treat homelessness as what it is: A world wide human catastrophe that's everywhere. Homelessness is not in the backyard 3 doors down. If you are a member of the human race, understand, homelessness is on your front door.

20 years  ago where we ever going to overcome H.I.V?
20 years ago where we ever going to overcome cancer?
A few hundred years ago where black people ever going to have freedom?
10 years ago where gays ever going to ba able to have a legal marriage?
Was a woman ever going to be equal to a man?

At one point there where all problems! Today... yes, still problems! But as you think about it you know that these problems have want from impossible to .......... something better.

If we stop fighting, stop marketing, stop being so scared to take a chance, step out of the box for a second, has we have done before, we can over come this problem. Treat homelessness as if you where homeless. Lets stop splitting it into categories and you will see can fight it..... and win!

These are just my scattered opinions....... maybe I've got it all backwards!

My point is this: We are not ever going to fight off homelessness going the way we are. Homelessness does not car about who we are or our special needs. We need to stop encourageing homelessness and fight it with the same amount of forcefullness...... and more!
I believe them tho! We are good people. I believe that to!

I'm not trying to make anyone mad here. I also understand that I talk far fetched at times. Once aging, I also have respect for the vets and anyone that players a part in homeless prevention in any way. Help is help no matter how big or small.

You have a right to be mad at me if you want. I'll respect that! It least your thinking about the problem now. Homelessness is like a white sauce....... if you don't sturr it up every once in a burns!

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Charlotte said...

Rob, you are still young enough to join the military. Have you considered it as a way out of homelessness?

You could retire in your early fifties with a pension and free medical care for the rest of your life. Your children would have benefits, too. Just a suggestion.

homelessrob said...

When I was about 26 I almost went in. I tryed in fact, they told me I couldent because I have a heart condition ( No real need to bring that up here, but thats what they told me . Other wise that would have been great for me. I've been around the military my entier life. I love thouse guy. Its just not something I'll be able to do. Eighter way, at this point it looks like God is sending me in a whole new direction.