Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day - 160 Homelessrob and the Tampa Times

I was pretty happy when the reporter for the Tampa Times said that she had "found" my blog. LOL, that means to me this little world of mine is becoming more main stream.

We spent the day together doing interviews and driving around looking for a a female, homeless, vet. Which apparently is a hard find. No one could find a female, homeless, vet. I know they exist. I've seen them. So, they did the interview with me and some of my friends about my life, a little. We also talked to some homeless people. I showed them where I lived, and where some homeless people hang out at (shelters, and other sources of resources). So, I did my best with it and hope it helped them. If they chose to do a story with what I gave them I hope it causes change on the homeless issue here in Tampa. I hope!

I did learn a few things myself along the process of this interview tho.

We where talking to someone, and at one point this person said something like "homelessness is in the mind, its not a bad economy, its something in the brain". The person that said this I actually know and have a fair amount of respect for. This person does understand homelessness. However, for this topic I must disagree.

In order to have "homelessness in your brain" (or the "homeless glitch" has I had a feeling my friend was trying to say) you have to first know what homelessness is in the first place. For me it was the economy. Pure plain and simple. Agine, I want from making 23.51 an hour to 9.00 an hour, to shortly after.... nothing. My trade (manufacturing) died. Along with construction, along with teaching, along with many other things. I (like a lot of people in these trades) had never experienced homelessness until it straight happened. Heck, I did not even know what it was. I certantly never thought it would happen to me. I can believe homelessness is in ones brain (It sure is in my brain) but lets not try to assume that one becomes homeless because they where born with a mental need or want to live a life on the streets. People become homeless for many different reasons. Loss of jobs is one of them.

At another point in the day I heard two different homeless people mention where they stand on the same issue. One homeless man mentioned that finding resources to obtain I.D. was simple and easy for him here in Tampa.While another mentioned that obtaining his I.D., here in Tampa, was impossible. For me, I think of my Lance experiences and how hard it was for Lance. Lance had no I.D. at all and that was a HUGE problem. I had to wounder if the first man actually had at least one form of I.D. to start with. Listening to these two men was great for me. It reminded me that even has homeless people live in the very same homeless world, we also do not, at the same time. Our personal struggles are most always the same. However, in that struggle we often find different results and have different out comes (has in life). In the same notion, what works for one homeless person might not work for another.

At another point in the day I tryed to explain what I am actually trying to do here, with this blog. Much like always my thought where scattered and I kind of had a hard time explaining. However, it did remind me to remind you of what I'm doing here and what the reason for this blog is.

Reason for this blog:
To entertain you with a story. That's is it! It is not to educate you about the homeless issue, I'm not fit for that. This blog is simply a story. A person trying to get from point A to Z, and happens to start off homeless. I talk about homelessness because it is a part of my story, a huge part. For now tho, this blog is simply here to entertain you, my reader.

If you read this blog and you are not entertained by now, then I did not do my job!

I do want to thank the Tampa Times for taking an interest in me, no matter what come out of it. I learned a few things along our road trip.  My offer is always open for them. Whatever I can do to help.

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Mushroom said...

Hiya Rob,
Has it been so long?
I've started my own blog as I had to reset my site (people complaining)
Still have the forum if you need it..takes a bit to work it out tho.

I see you appear to be writing bigger and better....Way To Go Mate...LOL