Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day - 140 Dear, Homelessrobs' Personal Hater

I'll get to that deeply misinformed person in a second.

First, I'll start with Lance! It is true, after 13 years he got into a bit of trouble. I got his packages and went looking for him. I looked for two days and never saw him. I thought that was odd so I went to the hospital and asked around. They assured me he had not passed and told me that they had not seen him either, which they thought was funny. I went on a hunch and found this:

Something I did not mention to people was that Lance had found an attorney. One day I told Lance that I had a friend who would be willing to help him with his SS benefits. A few days later Lance handed me the business card of an attorney. I emailed the man to see what was what. He responed saying that indeed he was helping Lance with his SS benefits. I thought that was awesome. Lance was making moves now on his own. I did not want to disrupt what was going on there and I was still working on getting an I.D.  for Lance anyways. I talked with the man for some time via. email, and he was really cool. He even told me I could mention him. Pretty cool. As soon as I found out about Lance last night I emailed the attorney and gave him the heads up. He messaged me right back saying that this moment was not going to get in his way of helping Lance and that he was going down to the court house in the morning. Relief! I learned something here.

So, I still have Lance's stuff and as soon as I see him he will get it. I talked to a few of his donors and they all seemed to understand. They are a very understanding bunch. I was pretty mad about all this. Not at Lance, but at the timing of it all. Trying to remain calm and keep an open mind.

Now, the homeless hater that's on my back. Yes you miss "wants to remain anonymous"! See, with me, I could care less if you want to attack me. What I do mind is the way you go about it. See, here on my blog and in my little world, I rule all, not you! However, since you did bring things up, I'll address it for you.

1.You called me a dead beat dad.
2.You said I abandoned my two little girls.
3.You said that the authorities in Vermont are looking for me on account of child support.
4.You said that there is more to me than I'm telling.
5.You called me a con-artist.
6.You said there was "more information coming in"!

So, allow me to address my own personal hater now.

For # 1 - Well, I'd have to agree with you on that, to a point. I have become somewhat of a dead beat dad. Where in my pockets is there any money? You bashed me hard on this almost as if my kids were your own kids! It's OK! I had a chance to talk to my kids a few nights ago. The fact that they still love me is an undeserved miracle to me.

See, there is a big difference between being a dead beat dad and a dad that simply can't afford to pay support. That is what happened to me. For most of my kids' life I had it pretty easy with the money. It was not a problem. Then America (NOT just me) lot their jobs, and the field I was in (manufacturing) became a dead trade. As everyone knows (unless you have been living under a rock for the last 5 years), those people are unable to support children they once could.

The one and only thing on my mind is my two little girls. And I'm just grateful that I can keep in touch with them and talk to them when I can, and they are safe, opposed to being on the streets with me while I straighten this out.

For # 2 -There is a huge difference between breaking up with the mother of your kids and going separate ways or abandonment. That is actually what happened. Not like its any of your business, but since you want to be that involved, get you facts straight, please. My mother actually has full custody of my kids. My mother and I do not live well together (we tried) but my mother is actually my biggest supporter. She understands and knows I want nothing more than to have my kids back, and I'm working hard to do so. Ask her yourself. I'm sure she would love to hear from you! For the record, just because these are the facts does not make it right. My family should not be left to deal with my irresponsibility. They just understand and support me. Right now my girls are a drawing pictures for Lance.

For # 3 - I doubt that very much. For one, my mom would have told me. For two, I've had back ground checks done on me, even as recently as a few weeks ago. No one is looking for me. But they will be if I continue to not honor my responsibilities with support. You are right about that. Now I have no doubt that I'm behind on support at this moment. Its constantly on my mind. But I know for a fact that "authorities" are NOT looking for me. Maybe my address. I was just working and support was coming out, believe me they know where to find me. I should probably spend some time just paying that off and getting it under raps a little better. I should actually thank you because that is probably exactly what I should do. Simply drop every dime I've got on it. Got to take a closer look at the money I make now.

For # 4 - Of course there are things I don't tell people about my life. Don't be silly. It would take me forever to tell all. What do you want to hear? A man used to touch me when I was 12? I did bad things from age 18 to 20 and spent a few months being detained?  You want to know that I can't hear in one ear? What do you care so much to know? You want to know how I almost died as a baby?  You want to know how as a Christian I fall short? You want the details? I mean what dirt do you want to know? I'll tell you! I'll even do it in public.

For # 5 -  You called me a con-artist. Don't you have to actually have gotten something to be called that? Once a woman mailed me 10$ in a Christmas card. It was very nice of her. I believe I told her not to do that. I believe she told me to kiss off about it. I do have a job now and would gladly send it back to her. One lady actually got mad at me a few weeks ago because I told her I did not need anything. lol, she was NOT happy with me. I still have her on my FB if you want to meet her. I actually told a couple of people about that because as far as I know she is the only person who really got mad at me. Sorry about that, you will have to settle for being number 2. People told me to take these things that people offer me (which is not as often as you might think. People pretty much already know about me that I do not care much for help of any kind). People told me I should not be so prideful about it (number 1 said that too), and that letting people help makes them feel better. I learned a lot about that.

Anyway, if I'm gonna be called a con for what I do (simply tell a story) then that's fine, but I think if you want people to believe that, then are gonna have to come up with some sort of proof first. Proof I know for a fact you will never have. I might be a lot of things but a con is not one of them. Oh, and please feel free to ask around. I don't mind at all. You will be hard-pressed to find anyone to hold any merrit in you with your attitude and nothing to back it up.

Here is some good advise for you: please, get your information together right, or people will simply think you are crazy. I don't hold the company I do because I'm running around conning people. I myself have nothing.

For # 6 - Gosh, I hope not! Because where ever you got what you have now seems to be a very bad source.

Here is the thing "personal homeless hater". I expect from time to time that someone like you will pop up. I 'm sure if I ask some of my friends that also do good work they will say that they have had a bad apple or two before oas well. I read all of your comments. One of them in particular said something like " we need to stand up and stop listening to these bums that are taking advantage". You said something else like that to.

This is what I think is up with you. I think you might have fallen into something bad. Maybe you were taken advantage of. Maybe you ran into a guy, gave him some money, and later saw him jump into a Mercedes-Benz. Maybe you trusted someone you should not have trusted. I can see that. I believe that could have very likely happened and now you are mad. Then you see me and what I do, you do some digging around and see I don't have a perfect life. I went to jail, sure. I spent 6 and a half months in, and some time later I went back for a month. All before I was 21 (33 now). I have quite a record to be even more honest. I was VERY bad. I never hurt anyone but it was still bad stuff I'm not proud of. Then I found out I was going to be a dad. I knew right that very second I had better things in life to do than sit around in a jail cell. I got off probation and never looked back. I have not been in trouble since then. The reason I never mentioned it here is because it really is not relevant to the topic or really my story. If I could not find work because of that then I probably would have mentioned it. It has never been something that held me back after I left it behind. I landed a good good job and people hired me on my work ethics, if they ever knew about my criminal past they did not care. With all this I now say - so what! I did my time, I was forgiven, I made change, life moved on.

Are you gonna tell a Christian he cannot go to church because he did some dad things? Have you not done something wrong in your life? Please, if you are perfect then I'd really like to meet you in person some time. A cop told me a few days ago the only difference between him and me was that he did not get caught. LOL!

No I have never claimed to be perfect. I never claimed to be a role model. I never thought I could inspire (if indeed I do). Yes, a long time ago I did some stuff. Between then and now I had a good life and things were all together for me. But homelessness hit me and if you ask around you would know that homelessness is all about a life that has fallen apart. If my life with my kids, job situation, and my current finances were all together, I wouldn't be in this mess. Neither would anyone else for that matter, if their lives were perfect. But once again, homelessness can happen to anyone, even if you are a "homelessnessrob personal hater". Yes, even you. The trick to it all is pulling it back together and making it right again, despite the odds. Which is clearly what I am trying to do. Not with this blog, this is just a story, but with my actual life. I'm sorry it's not to your liking or that I'm not doing well enough for you.

What you are after is what I call "the capitalization of the homeless market. This is directly what you are accusing me of, in a bad fashion. This is when an individual or organization exposes a homeless person, or homelessness as a whole, for their own personal profit. I does exist. Just not here. I've mentiond this a few times myself.

You do seen relentless. I see you are of age to (because you actually friended me on Facebook). I have to tell you that I do admire that some. I do not care for the way you approach me with your cause (if that is the right word), but nonetheless, I do admire it. I just think you are a little confused.

I'll tell you what. If you are really so adamant about all this, you can feel free to continue your attacks on me, I do not mind. Or, you could change your tone, re-think a few things, get your facts right, and approach me again in a respectful manner. I'd be more than happy at that point to introduce you to any one of my friends. Every one of them is all about doing good things in life, far more than myself. They are all great people, and I can tell you that if any of them thought for a single second I was someone like you describe,  I would not have the pleasure of their company.

You got the right relentless attitude, you are just aimed in the wrong direction.

This is, and always will be a 

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