Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day - 164 Homelessrob, and a COP???

I've known Deputy Donaldson for a little while now. This is the man who helped me off the streets. DD (as I sometimes like to call him, not to his face though) is a deputy in Tampa, FL. Helping out homeless people and working on the homeless cause in the streets  is what he does, and he is very good at it. 

In the time that I have know DD I have learned a lot. DD has a very fine understanding of the homeless problem and an even finer understanding of what homeless people have to go through to get by and to get off the streets. In that understanding, DD finds success. We have talked much.

This video does him no justice because the audio is pretty bad for some reason. I'm going to post it anyway and do another sit down with him later (we see each other every two or three days). I just think the parts you can hear are worth hearing. DD is someone worth knowing as far as this homeless cause goes. Believe me when I tell you that he had to fight very hard to get the people he has helped off the streets.

At one point in this video he and I mention about how we are working together to do some things that will help the homeless cause. This is true! Past the help that he gave me, DD and I are becoming friends and even a bit of a good team together (homeless people and cops are two very stereotyped people, after all. Also, we both like to break stereotypes - good common ground).

The system that DD uses to help the homeless is a system that I feel is the very best. On that note I support DD as much as I can. We (in conjunction with some others) are working VERY hard together to make some huge changes, not just here in Tampa, but hopefully someday across the country. Fingers crossed! Now, that's all I'm gonna say about any of that. I don't like to mention things until they are final. Loose lips sink ships, and all that. I'll keep you posted though!

This is Deputy Donaldson. A good friend that I owe a lot to. He does not ask me for anything though. Just to do my best and stay off the streets. I'm trying my best and he knows it. That's why I sit in the front seat of the cop car. LOL!

For the record, not all cops turn their lights on to get good spots in traffic. I keep telling him to just do it, but he won't listen to me.

I'll post more about my friend later.

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Unique Resources said...

Nice work Rob and D.D. ! Nice to see someone who works with us and breaks stereotypes . I hope you guys do great things together. Just by doing this video you guys are showing folks how it can be done. Thanks again.

Mushroom said...

Hi Rob,
Wow you just keep pushing the limits.
Tell DD and crazy old lady from Australia would love to shake his hand!!

I think the sound on the cam might have been the road...Did you have the cam leaning or setup on the dash or something?

When the car stopped it was pretty clear but when the car drove off it got 'vibratey' again..


Tracy said...

Hi Rob,
What a wonderful advocate you have in Deputy Donaldson. Well done in giving yourself a voice and expressing what you believe in.
I am studying Mental Health in Australia and eventually would like to be an advocate for someone at risk.
Would I be able to use this video as a reference for my assignment I am currently writing?
Thank you.