Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day - 153 Homelessrob on

Finally, something good I get to talk about. I'll tell you the story.

About a month and a half ago, somewhere in the depths of Google +,  I was approached by a wonderful woman. Fiona was not happy. She told me that just a day or two before she saw me on Google + she had seen something that a homeless hater had posted, and it had bothered her. She said to me that she was mad about it and wanted to do something. We talked for some time and Fiona told me she liked my blog. Earlier a few people had mentioned to me something about doing a book. I never really cared about doing it and I had never really given it much thought. However, armed with Fiona (who explained that the actual act of publishing on was pretty easy) and our mutual desire to tip the tables as much as possible on the homeless issue, a deal was made.

Deal: She would edit the first 88 days of my sloppy spelling and I would publish it on Simple!

That was about a month and a half ago. Fiona probably had no idea how bad my spelling was, LOL! Poor woman, she's great!

Now today, I'm happy to say that the first 88 days of this blog is now published on It is called

"Yelling Into The Wind".
and it can be found here:  (Ebook)

or  (paperback)

I'm always saying that some help on the homeless  issue is better than doing nothing at all. I'm always saying you don't have to start off huge. You do not have to set out to save the world, and I'm also always saying that if you don't know what to do, then just consider the things you are good at and think about how to use your God-given gifts to make a difference. That's what I think and that's what Fiona did. She saw something she did not like, that came from some homeless hater, and used her skills to support me.

Fiona and I have no idea what is going to happen here with this e-book. Not a clue! It's all up in the air. However, I am sure about a few things, win, loose, or draw, no one can say that together, Fiona and I did not at least try to help the homeless cause. It took time, work, and understanding along with some will and drive (much more from Fiona than from myself).

If we do nothing..... nothing will happen, right?

To celebrate the first 88 days of my blog being published on and to thank Fiona and all  my supporters who have been reading my blog this whole time, I have decided to donate the first month of sales (whatever it is) to kids with cleft lips.

You are thinking "why not homelessness" right? I say why can't one cause help out another?
Besides, I could not have done this on my own. I had help and supporters, more than I probably ever deserve.

And who could say these little tigers can't use a hand.

Every penny of my first month goes here, no matter how much it is.
Thank you to all my friends and readers who have helped me along this way.

A very special THANK YOU to Fiona!
I hope now that all of us are working together we can make some smiles.
Fingers crossed!

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Leah Koonce said...

Awgesome! Congrats!!!

Mushroom said...

Thanks to Fiona for doing this.
I will put a link on my site and blog.
I also contacted another site to host the book as well,,,,with a link to here.

Being Homeless isn't always about being are proving that with your blog.....
There ARE people who care...

Onya Fiona.

Onya Rob..

FionaV said...

Rob, your stories and your insights into homelessness, as well as your comments and thoughts on how to help make it go away, are truly inspirational, very powerful and very moving.

I am very happy to have been able to help you in a very small way (your writing isn't THAT bad!) in continuing your mission. I have intentionally left a lot of 'you' in the text, because it's you that makes it what it is.

Very happy :)

Hope it all goes great!