Sunday, February 5, 2012

Homelessrob with Jessica, Sami, and Christina !

Yes, Lance's packages have arrived. Very grateful. I honestly have not seen Lance in about a week. I can't help that. I got my hooks into Lance and landed a job and a place to live all in the same week. How could have I  have known? Even for as grateful as I am for my job, it slows me down in what I was trying to do for the man. It would not be so bad if the job was not so out of the way, but it is. So, I hope I have not lost steam with him. I think he understands though.

So lets look at what we have here. LOTS of good stuff!

Socks are gold to homeless people. This clearly makes Lance a very rich man now. Shoes - I bought the shoes with some money from the Lance fund. These should make him feel much better. Some new pumped up kicks.

I got a lot of medical stuff here too. This should help him in the times he gets hurt. He can keep his cuts clean. The last time I saw Lance he had some fresh wounds. They where dirty and dried up all down the middle of his shin. I think he said he fell.   So now he can clean those up and use the bandages.

Some emergency blankets, which I have never seen before. They look like light tin foil. Pretty cool! I think at some point I'd have to get my hands on some more of those. I know some people who would find them useful.

A new jacket. Nice, I have to say. Its heavy and thick. Tampa stayed pretty warm here in the winter. I have only really seen a few mornings when it was cold enough for me to not want to come out of my tent. However, it still gets cold here at night and for Lance, this jacket will come in very handy. Nice call Jessica!

Hygiene stuff! Yes, very good. I got a lot of it too. Tooth brushes, tooth paste, soaps, shampoos, the works! I even have a few towels for Lance too.

Lance has a bunch of new stuff now, this is all great. Amazing what a few good people pitching in can do.

These are all the things Lance needs right now. I got him some clothes too. A few pairs of pants and a couple of shirts. I also still have some things I can get him from his Lance fund, like some razors, some underwear, and some other odds and ends. This is all good. I will bring this to him in the morning. I have the day off for him. I'm gonna try to get his I.D. thing going a little better. I have made some progress on that matter. Not much, but I did manage to get somewhere. In the morning I'll be following up on some of the resources that some people helped me with regarding that problem.

In the mean time I want to thank the ones who made today possible for Lance!

My cousin, Sami. Sami, you did awesome on this stuff. I can't wait to see you. When that time comes you and I are going to smash homelessness into pebbles, I can all ready tell. I can't wait! Thank you, Sami! Thank you so much!

A special thanks to my two friends Jessica and Christina. Actually, I want to rephrase that. The fact of the matter is this: These two very wonderful, special, ladies did not know me or Lance from a hole in the wall. They still took a chance and rolled the dice, and because they did so, Lance is gonna be much better off for a while. It would be a privilege for me to call them friends, and have that be so.

I might not get Lance off the streets. Maybe because of him, or maybe because of me, I just can't say now. There is still some work to do, but I'm going to do my best. What I can say now is that Lance is better off today than how I think he has been in a long time, because the people above took the time......... and cared!


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Sami said...

You already know that there is nothing that I wouldn't do to support you. You are an amazing person. I am so proud to have you as MY cousin. You know you can count on me if there is anything further that you or Lance may need. we are just getting started. And together.. We can accomplish a lot. my favorite saying.. "Git R Done" Love you!!