Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day - 88 Homelessrob On Break, Be Back Soon!

For me writing has always been a soothing experience. I just like to do it. I know I can't spell very well and my grammar is even worse. Someone once asked me why I could never learn how to spell well. I told her that for me, I just write and spell in the same way I think  it in my head. She was very smart and told me there was a word for that. I forgot what she called it though. So for those of you who have struggled through these past 88 posts, ....... thank you!

Its time to take a break now though. Its been about 3 months for me and I need some rest from blogging. You need a rest from me as well!

I never expected to get this far. I never expected to get the reaction I have received. I never expected to be doing a "walkathon". I never expected the endless sea of kind words and support that I have gotten. I never expected any of this. I simply wanted to tell a story a about a man in the dumps, that has a goal, and what he (I) plan to do about it! That was it! I never expected the response I got.

So, I'm going to leave blogging alone for a few weeks (about 3 I think). However, I am going to take advantage of that time to get to know you (my readers) a little better. I'll be on the social networks hanging out and chatting with the people that I have meet so far. I owe them (you) that much. Besides, I want to know you. I'd like to take some time to form some bonds. The people that I have meet thought this blog have been more than nice. I like nice people!

On top of building relationships with you (my reader) I'll also be getting ready for the next stage of my plan. I know I haven't been talking about that much but the truth is that only very recently have I managed to break ground with most of that. So, I'll be getting ready for the walk across America that I'm going to be doing. I'll be getting mentally prepared for that (that is going to be a big task alone).

I'll also be trying to work out some details about some of the things I might be able to do on that walk from someone who might be a very big supporter of my "mission". Her name is Kellie! Kellie and I might be able to really do some big things together and I'm very excited about that. If that works out I'll be introducing her to you later. She and her family are very cool.

I'm also waiting for a video camera to make its way to me. It's in the mail (and you all know how the mail and I DO NOT always see eye to eye).  So when I get back I'll be bringing a whole new style with me. I'll be looking to do very big things with that.

My crosses have been one of the biggest challenges I have had to deal with. Its always been part of my plan and did not get very far. However, recently I had a talk with someone who seems to understand what I want to do with that. I might get some support there, finally! It comes from a source that I didn't expect to be helpful on that matter and I'll tell you about that also when I start blogging again. You should like that part of my story.

I also need some time with God! As most everything I'm doing is on his command as it is! Because with out him doing good work just isn't the same. I look at my walk kinda like a huge prayer. I talk with God the most when I'm walking. We will walk together, God and I, and along the way we will build a great relationship. But I need him now! I need him to clear my mind, build me up, take away the worries of failure I have, and reconfirm that my heart is totally dedicated to the doing of his will.

Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. This is the end of the beginning! When I come back I'll be rebuilt and ready to go, regardless of anything else. Whether I have a cross or video camera or support or not, I'm walking! I'm going to do what I'm told! You (my reader) can be sure about one thing though, no matter how I start the middle of this story, you will be entertained!

I'd like to take a second to thank you all. In three months this blog has changed my life. However, you all have changed my life in so many more ways. I love going to my mail box every day and seeing the email from people. I love the energy and hope you give me. I love the way you make me feel about this whole mess I got myself into. I have made several friends in the last three months and will be doing my best to not take the privilege lightly! You deserve the very best from me. You deserve to not just know where I stand on homelessness, but to also know me as a person. For you I'll hold no punches! I'll tell no lies! I'll give you everything I have! When I start blogging again in a few weeks I hope to give all that and so much more to you.

I'll be right back!

Got to

so I can

But don't be sad!
I'm just thinking of how to do good things!

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Anonymous said...

Rob, maybe it costs too much money for you to get the button, but I'll bet if you had a paypal button, people would donate money to you. Just an idea, guy!

homelessrob said...

Here it is , friend! I dont like takeing cherity. Untel recently I never have eighter. Someone a few weeks ago sent me a 10$ and during the last few weeks people at my church have helped me out some. Now, sometimes I keep the money and I use it to do something good for myself (laundry, food, supplies) and sometimes I try to do something good for my fellow homeless (socks, foodcard, a new shirt at the dollar store). I just have a very hard time takeing money (it makes me feel bad). That's not a crack on thouse that have tryed to help me on that matter. I thank them dearly. They eighter helped me out or helped me help someone else. I love these people a lot. God bless them. However, I dident start this blog to recieve donations or gain symponthy (not that you implied that). I would simply reather WORK my way out of this mess on my own. Currently I am working on that and hope to someday soon have that button up. LOL, knowing I'm working my way out of homelessness all by my self and that I reached my goal on my own would make me feel a lot better, and I would also have no problem taking money then. When I have something more to offer them a "thank you". Besides, takeing up cherity wont fix my problem (I'm stuck in spells, I've been up before). Sure mabey I'd come off the streets for some time but the odds are..... before long I'd probley just wind up homeless agine, and thats not fair to my readers or anyone that helped me.

Anonymous, I do thank you for commenting here. It means a lot to me when I see people post up here. Thats just not gonna work for me!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I have read every blog from day 1 to day 88.
I hope to see you at church Saturday morning, Dec 31.

Robert Rashford said...

LOL, Thanks Dale! You did ask for it. LOL! I'll see you soon.

none said...

Hi Rob, found your blog on this site. I've read some of your posts. I have an idea. To me all good ideas and thoughts come from God. So here's an idea. I see that you like to write. So I'm sure you have lots of stories in your head that are waiting to come out. So write one! Then, self publish it on Amazon and sell it as a kindle version book or a paperback book. Forget the spelling and grammar for now. I'll help you with that once your story is written. Or give you tips on story writing along the way. Guess how much it cost to publish a book on Amazon? NOTHING, it's free. I know because I did it. Go to and type in
Eileen Stoecklin you will find two books that I wrote,published and made a cover for. I knew nothing about it, but step by step figured out how to do it. I don't make tons of money but a few dollars here and there helps out. Sometimes it's as much as 90.00 a month and at other times as little as 30.00 So if you want to know more, email me at what do I want from you? NOTHING. I just love encouraging people to do good things. Seems you have a lot of time on your hand so why not?
Shine on my friend.

Robert Rashford said...

I emailed you back,Eileen!

Sami J. said...

My stubborn stubborn cousin... :)

Robert Rashford said...

I got to be stubborn when it comes to homelessness, Sami! Homelessness is just as stubborn!