Friday, December 2, 2011

Day - 72 Welcome To Homelessness! Now, Carry Your Own Bags!

I once heard someone say that a lot of suicides were usually accidents. Like, someone was on a building talking about jumping when his hand slipped off the railing. I can see some truth in that. I can also equate it to homelessness. When you tempt fate sometimes fate finds you.

There is no shortage of people out there that think homelessness is "cool" and would "like to try it". Some of these people I think get a little confused! They say they want to be homeless but what they really mean is that they want to be hard core campers or a "hobo" (ta raveling homeless person). Some people want to become homeless to escape the government, sort of go "under the radar".  Some people want to go homeless because they think it might be a temporary fix to a specific problem (maybe debt), and they think that by sort of volunteering to go homeless it will somehow be easier. 

I'll give you an example (this is a real story):
A woman was down on her luck and times were hard. She was pretty much broke and was being evicted. She decided to rough it out in her van for one year while she saved money and got her problems dealt with. She had a job and looked at the experience like it would simply be a "camping trip". She moved into the van, and did OK far awhile. She did everything on her own and needed no help from anyone. Then she lost her job, rendering her completely homeless and in very bad shape.

It is one thing to fall into it and go down fighting. Its another to walk into it and introduce yourself as a friend.

Homelessness is what I call a "blood sucking abyss".  Tempting homelessness will often end you up homeless. You're basically playing chicken on the tracks and with untied shoes. Unless you want to find yourself  REALLY homeless I wouldn't go around poking it with a stick. Homeless is not a "quick fix solution". Homelessness will see you. Homelessness will open the door for you. Homelessness will say to you "Hey, you don't plan on staying long? LOL, that's OK! Here, why don't I show you to your room and let you get settled in". Once there, and believe me when I say this, what ever problems you had that made you want to knock on the door of homelessness....... ARE GOING TO GET MUCH WORSE! Homelessness will say to you "what's that Homelessrob? You would like to get a nap? Sure, thats a great idea! However, we do not have beds here. But hey, feel fee to unfold a mat and take up the floor"; "What's that Homelessrob? You would like to take a shower? Sorry. we don't offer running water here"; "What's that Homelessrob? You are expecting mail? It has money in it that means the world to you? UGH, I I I....  we'll keep an eye out for that"; "Whats that?  the roof to your room is gone? We'll take a look at that for you"; "Whats that Homelessrob? You are hungry? Sorry, but our dinning room is closed. Permanently. However, I might know where you can get a bit.... if you don't mind where it comes from". Its like a trap set by homelessness. I'm not even sure how homelessness knows, but it does. Now, your two week long trip is going to be a two year extended stay in the "house of pure misery".

Homeless does NOT care about you. Homelessness does NOT care about your problems. Homelessness does Not discriminate. Homelessness will NOT help you. Its mike the Mafia, once you're in, getting out might cost you your life.

So, let me give you a little advise (you don't have to take it, but it's recommend that you do): Before you go looking at homelessness as an option for what ever problems you are having PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE explore EVERY other option you might have, even if you don't like them. You being on the streets or not might just be the difference between a single phone call . Even if the difference is hard for you to consider, at least think about it very carefully before you hit the streets. 

Some people might be saying..... "Homelessrob, who in their right mind would ever consider homelessness as an option?" I can promise you the answer is "more than you think".

Homelessness has no problems checking you in, and believe me, once you're in you will be carrying your own bags.

Homeless tip (haven't done one in awhile):
Duck tape will work wonders!

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