Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day- 73 Back To The Homeless Story

After all that's what I invited you all here for anyways. Simply, to entertain you! Nothing more! Every story has a beginning, middle, and an end. The wait around to see how my story ends (good or bad) should be more than enough to keep you entertained. Currently, I am stuck somewhere between the beginning and the middle. Since I'm basically standing around waiting to get things going I simply felt I had time to fill in the gap. That's why I vear off sometimes, offering my opinions, thoughts, and scattered wonders. All you ever need to know about that stuff is that I'm probably hardly EVER right and also you (my readers) have the power to change my opinions because I'm always down for a good conversation. 

Since the beginning of this little trip some things have changed (but not much). One thing that has changed is that I'm defiantly bringing much more of a religious tone. I think I even remember writing about how I wasn't going to do that because you (my readers) were not here for that. So, I'm sorry for that change, but I don't care! God is relevant to homelessness and to me.

The other change I made was in my plan altogether. I haven't really talked too much about the walk I'm planning because I wanted a little time to think it all over first.

Other than that, not much has changed. I'm still in the tent. I'm still working day-labor. I'm still barley getting by. What I'm waiting on now is to get some stuff done before I set out. There is some mail that my mom is holding on to for me and as soon as I have that I'll be in much better shape. Part of that mail also includes a video camera that a friend sent to me. I'll be recording virtually all of my walk. So, I got some mail coming. I'm also keeping my eyes pealed for a Bible. That's a must have! I could use some new walking shoes...... I'll figure that out before I go. That shouldn't be too hard for me to do. 

The biggest worry that I have right this very second is that I still have not been able to make a single cross. This kills me. I spent a lot of time going nowhere on that little bit of work. I do feel its a must have. How am I ever going to leave homeless people behind without some hope? I have no idea. I also need the crosses to make some money along the way. If I had made them a month ago I would have had at least a few hundred by now. That would be more than enough to get me on my way. So, I'm still stuck on that. I'm just gonna have to leave that on up to the man. 

So, I'm waiting on a few things, then I walk! Across America! From Tampa, FL going west to California. Then up the coast to Seattle. Then I zig-zag my way west through every state until I hit Randolph, VT where my kids are. Its at that point this story will end.

So, please! Bear with me while I continue to blog all my little crazy thoughts - it's my way of filling in the down time before I get going on the middle of the story.

It's just a story..... I must entertain you somehow!

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