Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day - 80 Retweet This, Homeless Haters !

So, I'm checking things out! Reading up on some tweets about my favorite topic - homelessness of course - when I found myself going deeper and deeper down the list. I have to tell you some of the things I hear are stunning, but for the most part I expected to see quite a bit more of it. You (my reader) have probably heard most of this as it is. I'm not going to do this post to bash the homeless haters or to get you mad. Just know that as I was going down the long list of tweets my brain went from "I wonder what people think" to "why do people think this??" When I was finished I came to a few conclusions -  just a few!

Here, let me show you some of the tweets I saw. Also I will not be posting these people's names, (lucky them):

- "I never give money to homeless people. I can't reward failure in good conscience."
I can't tell you how many times I saw this one. Honestly, I think its funny that these people fail to form an opinion of their own.

- "Do you look homeless today?"
Homelessness is a form of fashion!

- "I sound homeless! I'm cold and hungry lol"
Note to myself: Homelessness is a sound! That's going to be a have to be blog post!

- "Homeless people can't ever chill"
LOL, PLEASE! I'm super chill, you have no idea!

-"Omg, The Homeless Man Is Sitting Next To Me. 911 On Speed Dial . Just In Case"
I actually have no comment for this one, sorry!

- "Since when do homeless people have cell phones!!"
I've heard questions like this a lot. I love how people assume that because one is homeless they simply shouldn't have things.

- " I wonder if homeless people say "man did you wake up on the wrong side of the bridge this morning?" when they're being grumpy."
I actually wanted to respond to this one but saying "I bet you wake up on the wrong side of a homeless person this morning, to write a statement like that". HHHHH, But I didn't because I'm trying to be a better person.

- "my dad threw a 20 at a homeless guy and said her, bro that should get ya a couple grams "
LOL, this one KILLS me for several reasions!

-" I'd rather use my money to penny sting the homeless than vote for an #XFactor winner."
Penny sting me and you'll be using your money for a good size hospital bill!

- "Oh my god there's a homeless person coming by my car.."
Hey, that could happen when you drive by a soup-kitchen! Its time to move on with life!

-" I wonder what goes through a homeless person's mind"
I actually did respond to this guy:
" IDK! Maybe "I would probably like to someday NOT be homeless"! Could that be?"
His response to that was:
"obviously that"

- "I look pretty good for going to school. I mean I don't look presentable but I'm not lookin homeless"
I have to admit that when I responded to this one I was pretty rude!
Me: "LOL, that's funny because the odds are that after you leave school you will be homeless..........look pretty good! sweetcheeks!"
THAT WAS SO RUDE!!!! But thankfully her response was
" lol"
She never got it!

- "the homeless should pay a 25 cent park bench fee as rent"
People, don't get mad if you start seeing homeless people sleeping under park bunches now!

- "This Starbucks smells like holiday Xmas cheer and a homeless person"
I love this one! Finally, a reference to the smell of homelessness that's GOOD! Check one for the homeless people! THANKS MAN!

- "A homeless lady walks in my office tries breaking my fax machine & attempts to stab me with a pen when I tell her to leave.."
I don't know how true this post is, but I'm willing to bet this girl works in a welfare office!

- "Just invited a homeless guy into my place to play x box with me. He is currently walking away with my mattress"
Thanks for letting us all know who sucks a "Madden"! Invite me over to play if you want to loose your dresser!

- " That awkward moment when you drop a coin in front of a homeless person"
I see this one a lot! All I can feel is sorry for you! Honestly, any man that posts about how awkward he feels about things that are that "small in amount" ......well I'll let you think that one over!

- "#46 on my #bucket list - change a homeless person's life, or at least get give them 7 bucks"
Man, if you come up to me talking about how you want to give me 7 bucks or "change my life" so you can check off a bucket list number, you might not make it to see # 47!!

- "Homeless people wouldn't be half as poor if they didn't waste all of their money on sharpies and cardboard."
He might have a point! In this economy that is sort of a catch 22 if you ask me.

Now, here is a guy from Facebook that I found! So you know the story: Here in Tampa, Fl there was a recent ban on panhandling - something this man is for. I do want to post his name!

- "my area has been "scum" free now. If they do come back I don't have a problem calling the police or the mayor."
another by him:
- "both my wife and I have been to intersection of hillsborough & 56. They are working it. They also run fast and ditch their signs at the mall Denny's. Like roaches, but with no vests."
and another (YES, this guy is my favorite hater):
"stores pay taxes, lots of them, have inspections, health codes, collect sales tax, employ people, and are a benefit to the community. What do panhandlers/hawkers in the streets bring to our community - crime, don't pay taxes, cheat welfare, rob stores of customers so stores have to lay off employees, don't collect taxes, don't have licenses, don't pass health codes, and when injured will sue not only the driver, but the city too. Our city council and lawyers are morons"

Here is one from one of his responders:
- "That panhandler may also be a sexual predator, murderer, or wanted. I'd like to get the scum off our streets".

OK, so lets face it. We have heard it all before!

If you are wondering WHO most of these people are I can tell you this:
Most of them were young. Its true. Also, It never really seemed to me (as I browsed about their profile) that they really know how dumb it was to say. I read one where a kid said something like this "Don't know which to cut.... my beard or my hair.... don't want to look homeless"! When I saw that and looked at his picture all I could think was that this kid wasn't man enough to sprout a single pubic hair, let alone say a word he had no understanding about.

It seemed to me simply that there were a bunch of little kids and ye,s even a bunch of "adults" tweeting about something they know nothing about. They did it simply to appear "cool" and just don't seen to understand that they are really embarrassing themselves.
I Also noticed that there were lots of "look homeless" comments out there.

Example "GIRL, you look homeless this morning"
Almost as if the word "homelessness" has turned into just some soft of everyday lingo.

NOW, Thankfully I was right about one thing. I was right when I said this:


For every tweet I saw that was dumb I saw 100 tweets that sounded like this:

- " I hate seeing homeless people"
Very nice girl!

- "serving homeless people is the most eye opening experience of my life. Changing my perspective of things, right now".
I liked that one a lot!

- "There are people much less fortunate than us--that doesn't mean they have to be hungry or homeless either"
Very bright kid here!

- " It's sad how ppl have gone to war, returned home & end up homeless: 

- " I don't think ppl should wait for the holidays to give back to those in need.. every chance I get, I buy a homeless person a meal.."
This one here is going to do great things someday. HECK, She probably already is!

- "Homeless ministry tonight! #givingback always gives me a great feeling."
With this girl's attitude she will never feel bad!

- "I disagree. Just cuz they are homeless they don't have to be stupid. They have real struggles & most are trying to live better."
LOL, A young man after my own heart!

- " Today is gonna be an awesome day .... goin 2 pass out clothes 2 the homeless for the winter !! :)"
This boy knows what makes a good day!

- "But I wouldn't even make it in time. Imma just go feed the homeless and hand out my coats next weekend or something idk.."
See.... people do go out of their way to help!

- "Looking for a homeless shelter so I can drop all this left over food off!"
LOL, this one made me mad, I wont be at that shelter!

- "at a homeless shelter folding clothes & stuff. giving back :) I'm beyond grateful for the life i live after seeing this"
Believe me......we are grateful for you!

- " At the end of the day I'm gonna help someway, somehow..."
This girl is actually fighting "not helping"! She has her sights set. She will win!

And the one I liked the most:

" Homeless people are such a pleasure."
I checked...... she wasn't being sarcastic, she meant it!

I think its important to note here that MOST of these post were younger people.

To them I'd just like to say:
Thank you for all you do! You guys are COOL!
and God bless you!

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dreamer said...

" Homeless people are such a pleasure."

They are.

I've met some incredible people at the homeless center where I do some volunteer stuff. Heck, some of the time, especially when I'm broke and don't have anything to take in, I go there just to visit with my friends. My friends include the homeless and the staff -all of whom used to be homeless.

Homelessrob, I enjoy your blog very much. I appreciate the thought you put into each post. Thank you.

Robert Rashford said...

Thank you! I appreciate you takeing the time to read it!

James Benesch said...

life can crush people. It's almost as if there is no hope for the hopeless. GOD Provides but attempting to fail is nearly impossible for those who have been destroyed emotionaly and mentaly by those who they were supposed to trust.. like there family. not everyone was born in good arms. It's best just to understand it now before GOD has them understand the hard way.