Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day - 7 I'm Charged Up

I just lost everything I wrote. Not happy. So what I gonna do is save it all for tomorrow. I had quite a bit. I will leave some help though. This tip is for the homeless people who are stuck and trying to make it out alive. And for the homeless people who can still dream a good life.

Homeless tip :

Outlets...... find them! Remember I said you need your phone with you? You need it whether it has minuets or not. Your phone is very handy. It has all your friends numbers in it, you can also store new numbers if you need to. Its an alarm clock (which you will need), its your calendar, and your clock is always handy. Your phone is a must-have - dead or alive! But you must keep it charged. Find outlets! They are everywhere, just look for them. You can find a lot of them in front of stores, around phone booths, and other random places. When possible use them in fast food restaurants like McDs or Burger King. If you have the money buy one item off the dollar menu and spend a long time eating as you charge your phone. Try no to just go into a place and just to do it. And avoid sitting right in front of the workers. Usually they won't bother you, but there is no need to draw attention to yourself. If you are using an outside outlet, try not to get caught. Sit in front of it and do your best to make like you actually have a reasion to be there. Do whatever you can to keep it powered up. I power my phone and computer mostly at McDs. They know people are gonna use the free WiFi there. I buy one double cheese burger and a drink and spend a few hours charging my phone while I blog and do other things that I hope will get me off the streets. Stay charged anyway possible!!!

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Maureen said...

I love your blog Rob. It's excellent!

homelessrob said...

Thank you, Maureen! Stay in touch with me!