Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day - 2 Thinking About It!

Thinking, thinking, thinking! Where to go from here. Options are limited! Lets see where I'm at.....

Clothing: check
Hygiene products: check
Money: No check. Why did I suddenly decide to toss my last 40 out of 50$ I into an overdrawn account last night?? I'll never know!

I just have to smile about that one.

OK - on with my checklist -
Lets see
Friends: None here in Tampa - just me! OK - I guess that counts - check for me
Work: check! I do have a foot in day labor! Thank god for the small ones! That should get me just enough money to eat and at least kinda keep myself healthy.
Work info: check
Identification: check
Faith: check

So its bad, but it could certainly be worse! Last night I slept in a park. That's also not bad. I mean, a park is good compared to some places I've slept. Note to self: stake out a few more spots!

Thinking, thinking, thinking!
This is the best part for me..... because I am a thinker. The first thing I need to be is create a goal!
Done.... check!

Goal: Get a place I can call home! A place where I can live and never be homeless again! And at the same time make enough money so I don't have to struggle week to week! "The American Dream"!

Now, how to get there is a different story. I need a plan and I need to do it step by step. I know that the step by step part is a very important part of the plan. I think I have one, but I'm not quite ready to tell you, the viewer, about it yet.

I can tell you this: I'm homeless, not a bum! These are not the same things. Don't forget that! There is a big difference.

I can also tell you this: I didn't become this way because I was what society would consider "bad". When I first became homeless I was making 23.51 an hour working in manufacturing. I had money in the bank. I had a nice car (used, but at least it was payed for). I wasn't on drugs and I never gambled. And was not in any trouble with the law. Most importantly, I had my two little girls with me every day.

What I have learned is that this could happen to anyone!

Thinking, thinking, thinking!

I have decided that as part of my blog I'm going to give some hints and help on how to survive being homeless...... I'm becoming a pro..... and sharing my experience with you is the least I can do. I feel strongly about this because I know for sure that homelessness is just a step away for anyone - not just me. As I said before, this can happen to anyone.

Homeless tip 1: know the deference between being a bum and being homeless!
I'm homeless but not a bum! I have drive, ambition, dreams, and determination! A bum has (or chooses not to have) any of these things. A bum has settled into his life on the street and is fine with it. A bum is the same guy you see every morning sleeping in the same bus stop day after day because he doesn't move far. A bum might even have a house and a job! Anyway you slice it, if you are on the street know what you are. Are you homeless? Or are you a flat out bum? Knowing that difference is important.

This is my day 2..... And I'm still thinking......

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