Monday, September 26, 2011

Day - 6 Working On It

In college I did a special program I did for homeless people to get caught up on my academics and
ready for regular college courses. I had 5 classes, including spelling and writing. The lowest grade I made was a 97%! Not bad for a guy that didn't even graduate. But still, its just something I can't do well. Nonetheless, there are some things that I'm smart at: Manufacturing work (I'm a pit bull with that - good luck finding someone at my level) and surviving the streets.

The problem is that I don't want the streets anymore, never did. I hate it and I've got to make it out of here before I die (or get killed). It makes my brain hurt just thinking about it, but I have no choice!

Didn't get to get online yesterday (sorry)! Yesterday was a very slow day for me. Still haven't checked on my bag. Got to do that later. I stayed in the park again. That's not bad but the mosquitos get to me a lot and so its kinda hard to sleep.

I'm still putting together my plan. Its making my scared though. Here in Tampa there are lots of homeless people. They are all on the islands of the the busy intersections with signs. I don't want to do that. I'll lever reach my goal if I do. People want to give to help, I believe that, but they have a hard time trusting someone on the street corners asking for money. I can't blame them.

All I want is my life and my little girls back. And it has occurred to me..... that might not ever happen! But I have to try. They depend on me. Heck, they still love me..... and that alone so more than anyone else has ever done for me. So for now, I give homeless tips, keep believing in myself and them, and keep working on it.

Homeless tip :
Stay clean!!!! As much as possible! Its not easy but you must! Staying clean gives you access to things you will need, and trust me when I say, you will need! I know its not easy though! My advise is to take full advantage of every public bathroom you can. Use the sinks and soap. Brush your teeth and wash your hair. The trick here is to be fast and unnoticed (so you can use it again). Try not to make a lot of noise. Wash the parts of your body that need it the most first (armpits, feet, private parts) and wash everything else after if you have the time. Do this as often as possible. A clean pan-handler will make more then a dirty one (I'm not down for panning, that's just a good way to make my point on this). And remember, the more private the bathroom the better. Look for locks and cracks on the door. A solid door, one person bathroom with a lock is the best. Just be fast about it.

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