Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day - 4 The Movement

I have a plan and a goal. Now Its time to start making moves. Will I make it or will I fail? I have no idea for sure, but I DO have faith. Just got to keep the faith and find out.

Last night I found a good spot to sleep. However, I'm loosing a lot of sleep the last few days. I guess that's OK for now. But if I start falling asleep in random places I'm going to have to do something about that. The place I found last night was in a sort of office building. It had a very small lobby and I stayed on the small love seat they had for people waiting. The windows where tinted so no one could see me. Also, I was inside and the noise was limited. There where security cameras there but I doubt anyone will ever look at the tapes. Why would anyone waste there time if nothing got broken into?

I'll avoid going there for a few days and then hit it again if I still can. Its always good to have a few spots like that when you're homeless on the streets. I also found a good place to stash my stuff. Well, it's good if its still there later - LOL! I'll check on it in a day or so and make sure. If its still there then great!

I do want to take a second to say something about yesterdays "homeless tip". There is one good reason to talk to homeless people. If you find you are in a bit of a jam or something, like for example, if you are hungry, ask a homeless person. They are a wealth of info when it comes to state programs, food banks, Salvation Army assistance, and any other thing you might need to get you through the day. But leave it alone after you get the info. Remember - the only reason to communicate with homeless people is when you need to ask for information for your survival - never to make a new friend. Also I think every state offers 411 for help.

Anyway, today was spent trying to put my plan together. Its going to take some work, but I believe in it, so I'm willing to do the word. I hope it will be successful! I can't live like this.

I feel like I can give 1000 homeless tips right now, LOL! But I'm only going to do one. Need to keep something to write about in the future.

Homeless tip :
Travel light! You wouldn't believe how many homeless people I've seen with everything they own it seems. Having lots of stuff is not worth it on the streets when you have no home. I once meet a couple. A husband and wife team. The story they had was that he was a truck driver and she lived in the truck with him. They lived like that for some time over a full year. The whole time they spent money on crap they didn't really need in the first place ("what-nots" I call them). So they had no money. One day after a truck run that ended in Santa Anna, California the husband was fired and told to leave the truck where it was. I don't know how that's legal but that's what they told me, and there they were - stuck. Of course they had everything from that truck with then. Makeup, clothes, books, and a whole bunch of other stuff. These two seemed to have bag after bag of stuff. When you are on the streets you need as little as possible. Think 50 pounds in weight. This is what you absolutely need:
- clean clothing
-hygiene products
-a phone (even if it is shut off)
-a resume (because you never know)
-2 or 3 garbage bags
-and if you like to read....... the Bible!

Nothing more! You need to be able to get around easily. I know its hard to toss out your stuff (believe me, I know) but you have to. You will never make it if you bring all your stuff. It will hold you down, slow you down, make you noticed, and make you a target. Toss it out.... and get moving!

OK, one more homeless tip for you.

If you are caught in the rain and have one garbage bag, do not put holes in it and where it like a rain coat. Instead, cover your shoes and feet! When you are homeless, the most important part of your body is your feet. Wet shoes and feet do not serve you well. If you're walking around with wet shoes you will get blisters and sores. It will be the worst pain your feet have ever felt! That's what rain will do to you. Every step you take will be a nightmare waiting for you. Besides, rain will rot your shoes faster. And the last thing you need is to be homeless, with blistered feet, and no shoes. If you do get caught with wet shoes, get them off ASAP and dry them out.

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