Friday, January 13, 2012

Day - 114 Homelessrob and His Tent

Finally,  it took me a long time to get this for you, LOL! It wasn't easy, but then again nothing in my life is. This is actually the 3rd time I did  this video and also the 3rd day of trying to get it posted here on my little blog for you.

Personally, I would rather you never see me, LOL! I look like I got hit by a truck. I don't sleep well at night, not because I sleep in a tent but mostly because I think a lot and it keeps me up. Last night I might not have really slept at all.

So, I look bad and I'm nervous. Its the first time ever doing this and it was not easy. My brain was scattered all over the place to top it all off.

The reasons I did this for you:

1- So you can actually see me. As awful as I look, I do have a face and I am an actual person. I'm also seen all over Tampa. I go to church. I go into stores. I got to the library. I go to Starbucks, McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts. I used to go to day-labor (still no work) and there are a lot of people who know me (whether or not I like it). You might see me in any of these places and never know where I live. You might not ever think for a second that I live in a tent.

2- To show you where I live and what I do to get there.

3- To explain why I chose this spot. I have 4 main reasons for living where I do.
     1: It's private and hard to find. No one is going to come looking for me. No one is going to find me.
     2: It keeps me off other people's property and out of the reach of the Tampa, FL law enforcement.
     3: It is safer than camping on the streets where anyone can get to me. Drug dealers and gang bangers often look for spots for the same reasons I do. They look for quiet, isolated places they can go and meet their clients at 2am. If they see me sleeping somewhere, I'm an easy target for them. They love easy targets.
The same also goes for these "homeless serial killers"! There always seems to be one of those little punks running around also.
    4: It's a safe place to keep my stuff. If I had to bring all my stuff with me everywhere I went I wouldn't make it far. A lot of homeless people don't have that option. They have to bring their things with them (or they choose to have things to bring). Either way, in my opinion, that's a hold up. I have actually seen homeless people move down a street by moving a few bags at a time. They bring a few bags up the street and go back for the rest. I can't do that (sorry) and because I have a safe spot to put my stuff I don't have to. Believe me when I tell you that I'm very grateful for that luxury.

This is my first video! PLEASE, do not message me and tell me how you can't sleep at night now because you have see my ugly mug!

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1half famous said...

sir, you are not ugly in the least bit :)
very interesting story. completely courageous to document it like this! kudos to you and you are now definitively in my prayers every night.

Robert Rashford said...

Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob, it's me, Milky_Way! You look like Matt Damon - maybe you should go to Holllywood and try to get a job as his stunt double!

Great YouTube, make more, please!


Robert Rashford said...

Milky_Way, my friend! LOL, thank you very much! I'm gonna work on my next video soon. Hey, believe me if I looked as good as Matt Damon I would be liveing in a tent, LOL!

Anonymous said...

What are you planning on doing with all the prayers that people are saying for you? Are they wasting their time praying for you? Do you tell them not to? What do you want them to prayer in particular for?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob, it's me, Milky_Way, again. I just want you to know that I didn't write the comment above ^ about the prayers, some other "anonymous" person wrote it.

You are always in my prayers, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob, This Mark talking to you.
You should call your little home-
stead " God's Grove"in your blogs
it would make it sound homey.Peace
to you and Jesus' love too!!!

Robert Rashford said...

I actually keep the prayers people send me and at the end of every month I try to cash then in for a single "Gods blessing".

I take into account very much that people pray for me. And believe me as much as they pray for me.... I pray for them!

Robert Rashford said...

LOL, It does have a ring to it!

Robert Rashford said...

Milky_Way, we need to get you on FB and twitter. Your kindness is to much to be confined to the forums.

D3TQM Blogger said...

Great first video Rob, call me tomorrow I've been away from work and will return Wednesday. Steve

juliesblog said...

hi id love to talk to u f just on here. My husband and i are also homeless. When in Virginia we had a tent but didnt use t. Are now though. We stay in a abandoned building owned by a relative. We have electricity and a roof over our heads but thats about it. I also do not consider myself homeless. I see those people portrayed as lazy and looking for handouts. I want more out of my life then that and have been trying to teach my hubby this philosophy. Hes been without a home for a lot longer than i. I try not to advertise im homeless so i dont talk about it a lot. i do the twitter thing cause i can be annonomous there. My twitter name is annamay45. Hoping to talk with you.

BarbE said...

Love your work!