Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day - 118 Homelessrob, Lunch Time With Lance!

This is Lance! I've seen Lance around quite a few times. However, it wasn't until recently that I actually found him. I was walking down the street and stopped to do something. I looked up and I saw that in the back of a lot there was a building. Living in the doorway was Lance.

Lance and I had talked a few times before we did this little video. Lance was a bit nervous (he's camera shy). But he warmed up to me rather quickly. It always seems to me that when it comes to Lance, he just wants someone to talk to.
Lance has actually told me he has been living in this doorway now for about 6 month. He recently had a seizure in which he either broke of fractured his hand. He also might have done the same to his face. He keeps telling me he can't eat solids and keeps telling me about his jaw and his teeth. I try to bring something down to him to eat from time to time but it's not easy. I can't buy anything hot on my food card and I also can't get him solids because it hurts him. Ticks me off. Today I got him some water, jello, and some soft chicken salad.

You might notice me laughing a lot on this video. I couldn't help it! Lance makes me a little nervous. Lance has got some health problems. Some are probably mental (that's just a guess, I could be wrong), and some are physical (that I'm pretty sure about). Lance always wants to shake my hand and its hard to be direct when I tell him that I can't do that. Its hard to say to someone "I don't shake people's hands" when you know its a lie. Lance is covered in black scabs that don't seem to be healing. He seems to have then all over. Also, where his hand is swollen up from the break (or fracture) I can see his skin has some sort of a yellowish film to it. I don't know what any of that means but is more then enough for me to keep my distance. Other wish.... I'd shake this mans hand!

Lance said he had nothing to say to anyone on file. He also told me that there is nothing anyone could do to help him. However, Lance did tell me after the interview that he could use some new cloths. I'm going to try to do somethings here. The first thing on my list is to try to get him cleaned up a little. Get some supplies and some clean cloths. After that I'm gonna try to get him down to an office and get him some insurance and possibly some food stamps to.

I told Lance that I would be back in the morning to see him and I'm going to try ( I might have a job interview in the morning). He asked me what time he could expect to see me, so he could make sure he was there.

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FionaV said...

Thanks for sharing this, Rob, and thanks also to Lance for letting us know him a little. I think it's great that you're able to include photos and video in the blog now - it brings things home even more. And you did a great interview, too :)

Robert Rashford said...

Thank you, Fiona! I get nervous doing this camera stuff. LOL, I'll get use to it sooner or later (I hope)!

Anonymous said...

I think I could send Lance a few things - I just have to think about it a bit. I'm one of your newer FB friends - jeanine RM :-)

Robert Rashford said...

THANK YOU, Jeanine! He needs it! Any help you send my way I'll make sure he gets it no matter what it is. I think once I get him cleaned up and a little more presentable I'm gonna start working on some of the other stuff. I got to get him this first 1 up tho. THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Good Job Rob!
Thanks for introducing Lance to us.
Your a Great Guy!

Robert Rashford said...

He is a good guy, I know he is! Thank you for taking an interest in him!

Shirley Smith said...

If you can get him to SS, find out if there is a medical clinic that he can go to. The yellowish skin could be a liver problem. And you also need to know where a medical clinic is in your are.

Robert Rashford said...

I'm going to take him to the hospital in the morning and see what all I can find out. At the very least I hope we can get a better understanding of what is going on.
Thank you for your interest, Shirley! Thank you VERY much!