Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day - 127 Homelessrob Is Homeless, NOT, Kinda

It is true, I now have a job and a roof over my head. It happened about 4 or 5 days ago. I should have posted it up sooner then now, I've just been warped up in so much stuff.

So let me get down to it. I've got a lot going on now.

First, I have a job. Its not much at all. I stand on the street corner and hold a sign for an auto repair glass company. I did not like it at all the first few days. I was embarrassed. I felt like everyone was looking down on me. Making fun of me. Saying to themselves "this guy is not worth much". I'm not making much money and this job is very out of my way. However, I've gotten use to it, and I see some pluses here to. This is a great opportunity to get the ball rolling on some other things I have going on. Also, my employer is trying to do some good things here in Tamp, FL for the homeless problem. I see opportunity with this to. I see that if I give him a good push here on my blog I might be able to help him employ some people and turn some tides here in Tampa. I cant let pride get in the way here. I'll hold the sign and do my best to make better things happen.

The job also came in way of a roof over my head. This feels good. I have a shower and running water. I also have a room mate. It turns out he and I actually go to the same church to. Feels good to have a place. Its a small house that needs work. Part of the deal is that I help do some of the work it the house. I also have to pay 50$ a week. Its an OK deal. I'll have money left over.

So, at this point I'd like to make a few things clear. So that you are not left in wounder later. These things are BOTH temp. That's right! I'm greatfull, but I also know this is not going to last, and YES, that is on me. I only took this offer because I know I needed the leg up to get me to the next level of my project. That's the ONLY reason.

I still consider myself homeless. Even if I did not, I've been in this game long enough to know that just has fast has I got off the streets, I can land right back on them. The reason is because I broke my own rule and took a direction that I did not pave on my own. I'm living a life someone else made for me. For some people this works. It just will not work for me. Homelessness to me has become something that I have to fix on my my own way. I hope people can understand what I'm saying here and don't assume "well, Homelessrob wants to live like this" or "Homelessrob is full of pride and that's not Christian" because I cant believe that about myself at all. If I was full of pride..... I certantly wound not be blogging my whole life to you. I simply want my life back and in the way I make it. I don't believe that's prideful, to much to ask for, unchristian, or even out of the question. I think its pretty reasionable actual. Isn't that something most everyone wants? A life of their own?

So, YES, believe me..... I'm greatfull. But this is all temp.I'm simply going to make the best out of it. Get myself going on my mission, and if I can help some other people help some homeless people (that's a good deal).

Remember, I never invited you here to tell you a story about a man that was homeless and trying to get a roof over his head. I set out to tell you a story of a man that had a goal to reach who happened to be homeless. My goal is still far away. This story is far from finished! I am making progresses towards my goals. I'll be talking about that soon.

A lot of you know I have also been working on helping my new friend Lance out. This is a hard thing to do. One of the biggest problems I'm having is that Lance has no I.D., NONE! This is a very bad start. Without I.D. Lance can get nothing. He cant get treatment for his wounds (which I found out the other night.... he has some fresh ones), he cant get insurance, he cant get a food card, he cant even get a sandwich at the local church ( he has been around for some time tho so maybe he can get that). My point is this: with out his I.Ds Lance cant really do much. Guess what it takes to get I.D.... you got it..... I.D.! LOL! Well, there must be a way around this somehow. I have some very cool people working hard to help me out on this problem. I hope something breaks soon tho. I'm also waiting for a few boxes that some other very cool people have sent me for him. So, Lance is a work in progress but progress is being made. I like Lance a lot! Lance gets very excited when I talk to him about these things. I see light in his eyes. I just hope I can do it for him. If I let him down this could be devastating to him. I have no attentions of just tossing him some stuff and walking off tho. I'm going to bring him has far up out of his homelessness has possible. I just don't want to fail.

For you, my readers and friends, I want to take a second to thank you all for being there for me. This little world of mine has grown large in the last 127 days. I never could have expected this. Now, I'm going to attempt to carry out my plans, and continue to give you what I hope you see has, THE GREATEST STORY OF ALL TIME (besides the bible, of course)!!!!! haha!

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Anonymous said...

Keep on keepin on ;)

Robert Rashford said...

I'm gonna try! Got to push on. Got to keep moving!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rob I got the info and flew there with google earth it was
awesome!I got a God's eye view! LOL
Brother in Christ Mark W.