Monday, April 15, 2013

To MLM Or To Not Home Based Business

Does this really need to be a question? I mean, if we could all work from home wouldn't we? In many cases (at least in my case) there is really no other option if you want to make another income. Being leveraged today is important. We live in an unsteady world. One day you have a job and the next you don't. This has happened to me before and this is also why I'm going to take extra steps to make sure I have a back up plan in life now.

One thing I have noticed is that when people think of a home based business they automatically think MLM. It makes sense, as most (not all) home based businesses are MLMs (at least my experience has told me). However, there are many home based businesses that are not MLMs. For example, drop shipping is not typically an MLM. An online store (personal web site) is also not an MLM.

I happen to like MLMs though. I like the fact that if done right and you do become a success you will make money for the rest of your life basically for free. This is of course a residual income. I see nothing wrong with that. However, a lot of people do. They hear "residual income" they then think "MLM" and then its off to "scheme". Then you hear " they will rip you off". This is bad thinking! Honestly, if this is where you are, you might as well settle in for what you are doing now and hope for the best. Extra income from home more often than not comes with residual income.

Home based businesses and MLMs go almost hand in hand when it comes to making money with someone else's product. It's simply the way it is and I like the thinking. I don't have to invent anything, I can do it from home, make my own hours, and hope fully make extra money at it (we will be seeing about that soon enough).

All together my point here is this:
Before starting an online business, whether an MLM or a home based business, you should consider exactly what it is you want to do. From drop shipping to having your own store online to holding someone else's MLM there are many pros and cons.

I'm going MLM right now because it suits me the best. I want to start work ASAP. I have little money and no product of my own. I need a type of ready-made business to begin. I have the means to do it (computer, phone, internet and printer). I also want the residual income on top of my commission. For me, an MLM makes plenty of sense. Go home based MLM or go home!

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