Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Don't Want to Pay Money, Booooo Boooooo!

People like this really get under my skin. This is someone who, in my opinion, is lazy and spends a lot of time in life crying. It was not that long ago I was living on the streets without a penny in my pocket, dreaming of ways to make money and go forth into a livable life. I never shed a tear about it. However, you even mention to someone they might have to pay a start-up cost to work online at home and Oh, BOY! Grab the tissue paper.

This is simple, if you don't understand that every business in the world has some start-up cost you shouldn't be doing business in the first place. Yes, online businesses have start-up costs also!

There are some differences though. The biggest difference is that when you start your own business from brick you are probably going to be paying a lot more than you would for a website store front. A website store front might cost you about $300 if you pay someone to do it (or about $25 if you do it the way I tell people to do it).

This is why I'm looking at MLMs. MLMs are designed so that I can work online and with a ready made product. MLMs solves all of my problems. I'm going to pay a low price to work with a ready made business and that's my start-up.

Its really that simple! You cannot say one day "I want to own my own business online but I have no idea what to sell" then cry later "I was looking around for things to market online and they all want money". That is ridicules!

You have to understand that the price start-up price is going to set you up at home. They are giving you the material needed to work from home. DO you know how to build a website? Can you build a back office? Maybe a second webpage also a capture page? Are you willing to pay even more money to brand yourself? I can tell you these things add up! I'm not in that position these days. I'll be looking for a company that offers me their whole package for one simple start-up cost. When I find the right company believe me, I won't be crying "I want a business but I don't want to start by paying any money"!

The next step for me is to start looking for the right MLM.

Oh, I forgot to mention - for those of you who don't fully understand that starting any business costs money, you can choose to look at it like I do - get it for FREE!

Yes. Go down to your Secretary of States office, apply for a sole-proprietorship (50$), give it a name (Mine is BTM of Bottom to Top Marketing), make sure they labeled you has a home based business. This way you are entitled to up to $8,000 in Tax returns, meaning that because you should never spend even a fraction of that on any online business you should not just be able to start for free, but you should also be able to start making the money right away.

Now, if that does not make sense, or if it makes sense and you are saying to yourself right now "I HAVE TO DO THAT TO)!" you might as well just go ahead and settle into your lazy-boy chair, turn on some Law and Order, pull that tissue box a little closer, and settle in for what's going to be the rest of your life.

Me - I just came out of the gutter and I'm NOT going back!

Note: Above is a video I'm using to show people that in fact there are huge tax incentives for having a home based business. However, it is not the one I wanted to post.  In the one I wanted it actually said that the startup cost of any MLM is included in this Tax right off (for the non-believers).

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