Monday, December 1, 2014


From Wiki:

"Homelessness is the condition of people without a regular dwelling. People who are homeless are most often unable to acquire and maintain regular, safe, secure, and adequate housing, or lack "fixed, regular, and adequate night-time residence." The legal definition of "homeless" varies from country to country, or among different jurisdictions in the same country or region. The term homeless may also include people whose primary night-time residence is in a homeless shelter, a warming center, a domestic violence shelter, a vehicle (including recreational vehicles and campers),cardboard boxes, a tent, tarpaulins, or other ad hoc housing situations. American Government homeless enumeration studies also include persons who sleep in a public or private place not designed for use as a regular sleeping accommodation for human beings."

Thank you for clearing that up Wiki!

Me... I agree, but only to a point! This is a weak definition of "Homelessness" as far as I can see. As I know it to be, homelessness is also a "state of mind ". Wiki has no definition for "state of homelessness".

To me "homelessness" is more a state of mind than anything else. Sure, not having a place to sleep is part of it. However, while in the state of mind, the "state of homelessness", things are much worse, much harder than described in this Wiki definition. 

Being homeless is not just about where to sleep. I think that after the first few nights sleeping outside it sort of becomes easy, as odd as that might sound. Homeless people finding a place to sleep is really not that hard. Its really just a matter of looking around and finding what you're comfortable with. Over the years you will be surprised what you find comfortable. Heck, after a few years on the streets I find I can now sleep just about anywhere. I can sleep through a train riding straight through my room. I can sleep in the car with no problem. Fall asleep at work - done!  I'll fall asleep right now, watch!

zzzzz zzz zzzzzzz zzzzz

Oh hey, sorry!

My point is this: homelessness is still not the black and white topic (as Wiki points out), as I said years ago. Homelessness is colorful and (in my eyes), and full of wonder. It's a state of mind. I believed I was homeless, so I was indeed, homeless. I believed it so much that I constantly tossed myself into that life the first very moment I felt I was going to be without a place to sleep. That's called the "homeless prep". It was only after I discovered this and made changes that I became what Wiki might call "Unhomelessness", lol! 

Today, as I predicted (read back if you must ), Homelessness is in the news more than ever, and for all the wrong reasons. Homelessness is as much a "state of mind" as is it a reality. The two go hand in hand and are equal, I believe. Homelessness is also a market (also something I stated before), and that's why it's in the top news today. Think about that for a second. The news, the laws, the money, the organizations, and the donations. I believe this topic IS the American backbone (whether good or bad). If it was not, then why is it on everyone's radar? Why is everyone acting on it? Why is it all over my Facebook news feed? Why is it constantly in the news now?

These are trying times for Americas. Coming from someone who has been there, I beg you to never look at homelessness in a black and white fashion. That's where the reality of homelessness begins and the sink starts. After awhile, Wiki will have something to say about you.

People, free your minds and always look up. Unless you're helping a homeless person up out of the gutter! 


Jason Philip said...

It never ceases to amaze me how 'developed' countries can spend millions on other projects, yet neglect the homeless.

Manu Kalia said...

Such an inspiring post. Glad to know about this things. worth a share.