Sunday, December 21, 2014

Auto Repair Glass Company in Oldsmar, Florida Helps The Homeless

There are a few things I see much of here in Tampa Florida. Two of these things are broken windshields and homeless people.

My current boss, Rob Arnold, has figured out a way to help solve both of these problems. Rob owns a local auto glass repair company in Oldsmar, Florida, that he calls "fix my quack". Armed with his ability to hire people, Rob uses his power to help make Oldsmar a better place to live for everyone by, you guessed it, hiring homeless people. He uses what he has available to him to make a difference, and it pays off.

Rob will tell you, as he has me told me, that he has never been what you would consider a "street sleeper". He has never had to deal with a life that depends on the "help cup". However, Rob has seen his share of the local homeless here in Oldsmar and elsewhere. Rob will also tell you that his experiences with the homeless have led him to a lack of sympathy for the homeless. He runs on empathy and understanding. A thought process I wish more people (including myself) would learn to run off. Rob is proof to me that you do not need the have sympathy to play your part in making the world a better place. Understanding will do the trick.

Rob has a lot going for him too. Rob hired me on the spot, knowing I was homeless and not knowing that just a week before, a man at a sales job interview told me straight out that he would not hire me, simply because I was homeless. Rod rolled the dice on me, as he has done for several other homeless people.

Rolling the dice on a homeless person is not an easy thing to do. There is much Rob can loose in this act, time and money to name a few. However, he is relentless and continues to go against the grain. Because Rob does this he is actually helping take the homeless off the streets, which in turn make Oldsmar, Florida a more homeless friendly place. This then helps drive local business and residents, which in turn, makes Tampa, Florida in a much nicer place to live for everyone, the homeless and home-living people alike. All of this together makes America better and stronger and let's face it, currently, there is no lack of need for that cause.

Rob does not set out to change the world. If you ask him he will probably tell you he is just doing what he feels is the right thing to do. However, whether he likes it or not, he is changing the world. One helping hand at a time. I have to have respect for this man. I have to! Its hard to find support for the homeless cause without adding sympathy into the mix. Sympathy seems to me to be the most common characteristic on the topic. It's cool to see someone that's driven simply by understanding, an understand that says "In using the ability that I have to offer, in an effort to make life better for others, will result in a positive reaction". That's an idea I can stand behind, even without sympathy.

Recently I have said that no act of kindness is better than another. A small act of kindness can very easily have the same equal effect and outcome as a large act of kindness. I stand by that. When it comes to the actual "act" for doing right we should use what we have available to us. Me, I write blog posts. Some people make movies. Some people make food. Some people raise money. Some people collect clothing. Some people simply hand out donations. Rob uses his local business to provide jobs for homeless people.

For as much has all of these gifts are different, all are also the same. These are all acts of kindness that help transform America, and the world, into a better place. Also, they all produce positive results. Having a relentless attitude towards your good work will spark interest and open doors for you. Because Rob is relentless in his good work his business is going places. His business is not only growing but Rob is also becoming a community leader. A fine example to others that simply using your skills to do good things will, even against the grain, eventually lead you to a very fulfilling life. A life where you know you used your skills to helped others.  Because of that Rob is gaining a stronger ability to hire more people. Rob's business is still a small up and coming company. However, Rob will soon be opening larger operations inside the community, I hope to follow this. I know some of the players involved in his work. I think you might be shocked to see some of the people who have an eye on Rob do to his good work.

Use your skills. Do what you can. Be relentless about it. Don't be afraid to go against the grain. Help others, and big things will happen. That's just my IMO!

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